Thursday, April 27, 2006

Better Pic For You (and me)

I am tired of going to my blog and seeing the same old picture of our "Dog that got away..." But then I start thinking of things I want to blog about and I feel like I should do something more productive. Like working on my medical billing job or doing laundry or cleaning stuff or all the other things that come along with LIFE and being a wife and mom.
So.... this is the end of my post for today because I really just wanted to post a better picture to look at than that cute dog which is still up for adoption (Awwwwwww).
So here is a GREAT one of my Little Guy. Enjoy and don't give up on me yet. I WILL post again someday.........
Hey, does anyone have a good/easy recipe for spagetti and meatballs or meat sauce?
There, that's something to comment on if the picture wasn't enough. :)
Have a good one!!!!!