Friday, August 21, 2009

To Serve or Not To Serve

I was so proud of myself for getting a jump on my Shabbat cooking last night. I made 2 challahs and a Rice/Noodle dish. And then I was really tired so I went to bed.

Sadly, the little elves who were supposed to put away my food left the rice and noodles out of the fridge.

So, here is the question. It came out of the oven about 10:30pm and went into the fridge (when Kayla woke me up) at about 5:30am. It was no longer hot.

Before I throw it out, I figured I would check with my loyal readers (and those who know more about Food Safety than I) and see what you think. Is there any salvaging this dish?

The ingredients are rice,noodles, chicken soup mix, onion soup mix, margarine, and boiling water.

Let me know what you think - and I prefer to err on the safe side!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Speaking of Sauce.....

Me to Kayla: Kayla, are you hungry? What should I feed you?

Jonah: Mommy, feed her some Potato Sauce.

Me: What's potato sauce?

Jonah: It's like apple sauce. But made from potatoes.

Me: Oh yes, of course....

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Language Barrier

I was looking for some applesauce today and stopped at the dry goods store in the Merkaz of Ariel. They sell a lot of random things in addition to the spices, beans, rice, nuts, etc. so I figured I would take a chance.

I asked the man if they sell "Apple sauce" but I said it in English because neither me or Jonah knew how to ask for it. He didn't seem to understand although repeated the word "sauce". I said in Hebrew, "you take apples" and made the motion of like grinding them up. He looked like he might know what I was talking about and walked over to a table. From there, he took something and asked if that was what I was looking for. It was some kind of spread and he asked me, "to put on sandwiches?" I said no, to eat and made the motion of eating something with a spoon. I said for kids, or babies, or anyone really...

Then he said, "Ohh.....we call that Gerber".