Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Language Barrier

I was looking for some applesauce today and stopped at the dry goods store in the Merkaz of Ariel. They sell a lot of random things in addition to the spices, beans, rice, nuts, etc. so I figured I would take a chance.

I asked the man if they sell "Apple sauce" but I said it in English because neither me or Jonah knew how to ask for it. He didn't seem to understand although repeated the word "sauce". I said in Hebrew, "you take apples" and made the motion of like grinding them up. He looked like he might know what I was talking about and walked over to a table. From there, he took something and asked if that was what I was looking for. It was some kind of spread and he asked me, "to put on sandwiches?" I said no, to eat and made the motion of eating something with a spoon. I said for kids, or babies, or anyone really...

Then he said, "Ohh.....we call that Gerber".



Noa said...

Gerber means baby food of any type, applesauce is "resek tapuchim" resek = crushed

Anonymous said...

Funny that they use the Gerber company as a general food title (like Pampers for all diapers) but it isn't even Kosher. LOL.