Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dippin Dots

Every time we go to the zoo, we wonder if Dippin Dots are kosher. S and I have both heard that they are kosher in Pittsburgh and we always say we'll have to check it out when we get home. But we never do.
Tonight I was online catching up on e-mails and I have no idea what made me think of it but I went to the Dippin Dots website to check the kosher status. I saw the following paragraph in the FAQ section.
Are Dippin' Dots Kosher?

In addition to our plant being FDA and USDA approved, Dippin' Dots are certified Kosher. The certification is Kosher-Dairy for year-round use (excluding Passover) by the Vaad Hoeir of St.Louis, MO. The symbol for the Vaad Hoeir is a circled V.

I thought that was so interesting. I don't know if it was interesting that they are Kosher and no one knows it or it was interesting that it's the Vaad of St.Louis that certifies it. Anywhoo, I wanted to confirm so I went to the Vaad of St.Louis website but didn't find a list of places that they certify. So I e-mailed them and we'll see what I hear back!

Anyone know anything about it?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Present Etiquette

I may have posted this before but I forgot the answer.
What's the deal with bridal shower presents and wedding presents? Are we supposed to give both? Is one supposed to be bigger than the other?
If we go in for an out-of-town wedding - do we still have to give a gift?

Let me know what you think!!