Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Present Etiquette

I may have posted this before but I forgot the answer.
What's the deal with bridal shower presents and wedding presents? Are we supposed to give both? Is one supposed to be bigger than the other?
If we go in for an out-of-town wedding - do we still have to give a gift?

Let me know what you think!!


Lena said...

I'm not sure what everyone is going to say about this but I’ll share my experience.
People that are close to you give both, if they are invited to both. The wedding present is bigger. People that come in from out of town give a present.
People that are not close give one usually for shower.
Some people give nothing…that’s tacky, but, if you don’t care then whatever you do is going to be good.

Heidi said...

Here it seems to be acceptable for young people to give only shower gifts and not wedding gifts. I would assume if you do not give a shower gift, you should give a wedding gift. I dont know why, but it seems young people just dont give wedding gifts. I am not sure at what age you are no longer considered young though.