Sunday, July 29, 2007


Does anyone know anything about this capsule that is supposed to increase your miles per gallon? Has anyone tried it?
I'm very curious why it's not a bigger thing........
Let me know your thoughts.
You can check out for a news story about it. And it seems you can actually purchase it at

What do you think???


Lena said...

Hey there sweet thing,
Alright here is the deal with the capsul that you are talking about, it works in ideal situations. If your car is a junker it isn't going to work. Also, the price is not reflective of how much you would save in gas. So basically its a good idea for the future when they can work out the kinks.

John said...

Hey there! I know several people who use the MPG-CAP, myself included. I also know some people who said that the MPG-CAP didn't work for them.

As for myself, I periodically drive between Seattle(WA)and Portland(OR)with my little Chevy Aveo which the EPA says should get 34mpg on the highway. I routinely rack up 40-41mpg for the trip. I have also noted that my little four-banger runs smoother and quieter and has a lot more "get up and go".

Everyone will probably have a unique story about their relationship to the MPG-CAP, so you should try it and find out for yourself. The product comes with a money back guarantee and the EPA says there is noting in the product that will harm your automobile.