Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Animal Magic

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Mark Rosenthal, the guy who we met at the Novi Family Pet Expo who gave me my Fear Factor Experience. I feel he deserves a real Shout Out!!!
His website is:
I had seen him before at the Pizza People's Birthday Party and he did an AMAZING show with all kinds of dangerous and exotic animals. Jonah was talking about the Alligator he brought for weeks afterwards.
So, if you are looking for a cool birthday party idea, you should check this guy out.
And even if you are not, check out when he will be doing public shows because he is absolutly fascinating!!!!!
Don't worry, he won't make you hold a tarantula....hehehe. Not unless you want to.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm Craaaaaazy!!

Jonah and I went to the Novi Family Pet Expo with Mrs. and Mini AP today. We figured that we would see puppies and kittens and all kinds of cute furry things. And while we did see some of those, we also saw some not so cuddly animals too. :)
And I took my first Fear Factor Challenge......

What's hiding underneath those hands??
That big smile on my face is really a look of TERRORRRRRRR!!!

Yes, that really is a LIVE and LARGE tarantula!!!
Am I craaaazy or what?
Wow, was my adrenaline pumping during that! My heart was pounding, my hands were shaking. It was quite a rush!
I knew I still had some "WackyNat" in me!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

ET Phone Home

The title doesn't mean anything aside from the fact that it has the word phone in it.

I just want to share another customer service story with everyone. Nope, it wasn't at my store. This time I was the customer! And am VERY satisfied. I must recommend STAPLES to everyone. Their customer service is really exceptional. Anytime I have had an issue, they always clear it up with no problem. But this time, they really impressed me.
I only went in to the store thinking they would be able to help me out but I thought it would be a real hassle. Ok, here's the story.

We bought a phone there awhile ago and we have been having problems with it for about the past 6 months. The phone was an AT&T cordless with 2 extra handsets. The kind that you just plug in one phone to the phone jack and the other 2 handsets just need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. I bought it because we use Vonage and I don't know how else to use other phones with it. So the problem we were having was with all 3 of the keypad buttons. You had to press them REALLY hard to enter the number and sometimes, it would enter the number twice. I can't tell you how frustrating it could be to dial a phone number. It would take 3-4 times!! Or like when you are calling an automated system and it asks for your LOOONG account number, you get halfway through and boom, double 2's when you only want one!
So it was quite annoying but we didn't do anything about it. We just dealt with it. It has been really bad lately so I started looking at new phone to buy. I had no idea when we bought this one but I didn't think it was SOOO long ago.
Today I decided to try and fix it. I found the manuel and read that, nothing there. I went on the AT&T website and tried to find an answer, nothing there. Then I figured before I call AT&T or Staples, I should figure out when I bought it. So I went on a search and found not only my receipt - from October 13, 2004 (!!) but also an extra warranty protection that I bought from Staples to cover for a year past the manufacturers warranty. So I called the Staples Warranty Number and they said that the manufacturers warranty covers one year and their warranty covers one more year. So basically it ran out 3 weeks ago! And no, they couldn't extend it or do anything for me. I could have kicked myself!
Well, I decided to go into Staples and see if they would be able to help me out anymore because the people on the phone were just a third party place. I knew Staples was generally helpful and I really hoped they could do something because it was only 3 weeks past the deadline........
Also, I didn't want my money back. I just wanted to fix my phone or get store credit for a new one or something.
So I held my breath and there I went. I expected they may do it for me but only after I argued for it.
Well, I walked in and 3 people offered to help me. Two were behind the counter and another man who looked more like a manager. So I just explained that I bought this phone - apparently 2 years ago and I bought the extended service plan and I had been having trouble with it for about 6 months and I really just wanted to fix it or get a new phone or something. But my warranty had ran out 3 weeks ago!! Is there anyway they could help me?
The manager said they would go ahead and take care of me. They can return the phone for what I paid for it and switch me up to a newer model and get me taken care of with a new service plan and that way, I won't have lost any money on it. He was SO nice and understanding about it! It was really great.
Then he sent me off with the sales guy to pick out a phone and we picked out a fancy new Uniden phone with 3 extra handsets and all kinds of extra features. The main thing I wanted was the extra handsets and a speaker phone but this one came with a whole lot more. So that was exciting.
We went back to the front. He returned my phone for the price I paid (even though now it was worth only $12.50) and bought the new one - which was the same price as the one I originally paid for and charged me $10 for the warranty plan. It covers everything and anything - even if I drop and break the phone or something like that. And I can just bring it in for a replacement.
Well, this time I will make sure to bring it in right away if it does break - that's for sure.
But I just felt like I should share this story with everyone and compliment Staples on their EXCELLENT customer service!!!!
I'll keep you posted on how the phone is working out. It has to charge for 15-20 hours before we can use it!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on Cardinals....................
Here's to a possible trip to St.Louis to watch the Tigers take on the Cardinals (or is it the Cardinals take on the Tigers?) in a World Series!!!!!!!!!
The question is......WHO do I root for? Can I go for both? Wear a Tigers shirt and a Cardinals hat?? Hmm....dilemma.....

Friday, August 11, 2006

911......What is your emergency?

Thank G-d, it wasn't my emergency but I did call 911 the other day. It was pretty crazy.
I was driving home from Great Lakes Crossing (outlet mall) after a very successful trip. Although I did not find the ONE thing I went for which was a FANCY red or maroon dress or top to wear with a ball gown skirt to my close friend's wedding. Anyone have any suggestions? I've got two weeks left. AHHH!
Back to the story. So I was on the highway on the way home thinking how lucky I was that there wasn't traffic in my direction and I notice all traffic start to slow down. I also see on the side of the road (the inner part of the highway) a pick-up truck that appears to have flipped over but I notice that it is still moving. It was actually in the process of flipping over. What a sickening sight. He was right on top of an overpass and I was scared he was going to flip right over it. Luckily, he came to a stop.
Right away I noticed that there were at least 3 cars involved in this accident and all traffic came to an immediate halt. After the intial shock, people started moving again and we were all pulling over to the right to avoid the wreckage. I grabbed my cell phone and dialed 911 and tried to figure out where we were. I thought to myself, "am I just going to call and tell them I just passed an accident? Or should I stop and tell them the details." Then it hit me, "Natalie, pull over right now and stop. You are (or rather were) a trained EMT and you are first on the scene. Get out of car and run over there to help." So I did that. I pulled my car over and traffic was pretty slow so I was able to run across the highway. I was on the phone with 911 at that point telling them where we were, how many cars were involved and how many people I saw injured. At that point, I just saw one man with blood running down his face but I didn't know if anyone was left in the flipped car. They took my name and phone number and said EMS was on the way. We hung up and I told them that the ambulance was on the way. The man was being taken care of by another person and she was pretty much doing what I would be doing. She asked if anyone had water which I realized I did and ran back to the car to get some. I went back and we were talking to the man, asking if he had anyone that he wanted us to call. He kept saying he ruined his truck, he can't believe it. His wife is out of town and he has to call and tell her her crashed the truck. Luckily, there was no one else in the car and how he crawled out by himself, I don't know. But by the looks of his injuries, he was pretty incredibly lucky!!! Then I went over to the other lady whose car was smashed right up next to his truck because no one was talking to her since she didn't appear injured. I was concerned she be in shock. So I went over to check if she was ok. She seemed to be fine physically, she was just shaken up. She kept pointing out how close he was to her door and how she could have been really hurt. She was also lucky. There were 2 other cars aside from those involved but no injuries and minor damage to their cars. I guess what happened was traffic started slowing but someone didn't notice and they all collided. It was pretty crazy.
EMS and the cops arrived. The medics took the man away and then were talking to people on the scene. I went back to my car for a minute and a cop asked if I was in the accident. I said no but I had called 911 so he told me to pull my car in front of everyone else and wait around for a minute. So I did that and the few of us that were there spent a few minutes talking about the accident and what we saw, etc. Then the cop came over and told the woman I was talking to that they probably wouldn't need her but thanks for stopping and for her help. She pretty much did the same thing I did - we just stopped to help and see if everyone was ok and called 911. So I told him that he probably doesn't need me either. I just saw the tail end of the accident (no pun intended) and called 911. So he thanked me for stopping and I went on my way.
My heart was pounding after that experiance! It sure got the adrenaline pumping again.
It made me realize that I really don't know much about being an EMT anymore. Although I can still keep my cool in an emergency situation. But I feel like I should review my books or something. And I should definitly keep a First Aid kit in my car, along with rubber gloves.
And most of all, I miss being an EMT. I miss having a job that DOES something, that makes a difference in people's lives. Something that counts.
One day, I will get back to it. Some way other another. I toy with the idea a lot. The idea of DOING something with my life. In a professional sense. I just don't know that right now is the time. Maybe I am just scared. Of change? I don't know. We'll see what happens.

By the way, I told a couple people this story and they thought it was really strange that I stopped. They never would have stopped. So maybe it's the EMT part of me that made me do it. I know that in my thought process, I felt it would be wrong to keep driving. Because I didn't know who else was there? And maybe I could help. Not that I still know very much.
But I would do the same thing again.

What would you do?

Photo Fraud

Check out this short video from showing the crazy media distortions and lies in photographs from Lebanon. Here is the link:

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Major Roi Klein

Most of you have probably heard this but I got this e-mailed to me and I thought it was important to post.

Al Eilah Ani Bochia......

Major Roi Klein...IDF combat officer...who gave his life fighting last week in Bint Jebail, South Lebanon. Major Roi Klein...just shy of his 31st birthday, from the hilltop settlement of Eli. He was married with 2 young boys...and went off to battle in South Lebanon.

While leading the charge against a Hizbolla terrorist position, a grenade was thrown at his IDF platoon, and Roi made the decision to jump on top of the grenade. Falling flat over it, his body absorbed the explosion, saving the lives of the soldiers under his command.

What goes through the mind of a soldier, a husband, a father when he sees the grenade being thrown at him, and the split second decision that will end his life, yet save those around him?

This noble Jewish soldier not only sacrificed his life, Al Kiddush Hashem, for the sanctification of G-d by defending the Jewish State, but in the process, saved the individual lives of his fellow soldiers around him. Every soldier's life he saved was a world in and of itself.

And those soldiers whose lives were saved all told the same story...that as he jumped on the grenade, everyone was able to hear him say, "Shma Yisrael, Hashem Elokaynu, Hashem Echad."

Friday, July 28, 2006

I don't have the words.....

I'm not sure how to write this post. I don't know where to begin. Or where to end.
Maybe by writing this, it will help me deal with some of the thoughts and feelings that keep running through my mind.
I got a phone call today from a friend of mine. She wanted to know if I had heard about the girl. I asked what girl and she said the one who committed suicide. The Orthodox St. Louis girl. She wanted to know if I knew her. I almost didn't want to know but I asked anyway. Who was it?
"Sarah Adelman".
It was like someone punched me. I couldn't really believe it at first. She was my age. A grade younger than me in school. We weren't close but I knew her. I spent 10 years in school with her. She was always so friendly and sweet.
And now she is dead? She committed suicide? It didn't make sense.
My friend forwarded the article to me from the New York Post. Here is the link: Upper West Side Suicide

I read the article. Once. Twice. Three times. I felt sicker everytime that I read it. But it was so hard to believe that it was true. That kind of stuff doesn't happen. Certainly not to people we know. But there it was. In black and white. With her smiling face staring out at me. Her roommate was quoted at the bottom of the article - I know her. I was friends with her. We took tap dance together. This is too close to home.

I can't stop thinking about it. About her. About all the things she will never do. Or never do again. I keep thinking about how can someone be so miserable in life that they will jump out of their 8th story window?? What are they thinking right before hand? She called a friend of hers before she jumped. To say goodbye and that she loved him. He begged her not to do it. She was writing the note while they were on the phone. I guess the note said where she lived and DNR - Do not resusicate.
She had been depressed for awhile but no one thought it was that bad. I understand now how depression can truly be an illness. No one just jumps out of a window - in the middle of the afternoon. She must have been suffering so badly. Maybe she isn't suffering anymore. I don't know. I don't know what happens now.
But I keep thinking of her family. Everyone knows the Adelmans. That has to be the worst thing in the world. To have a child die. Not only to die but to take their own life. How does a parent handle that? How does a mother deal with that? Oh G-d, the agony. We should never know such sadness and grief. I pray that her family is somehow able to go on and able to survive. I don't know how someone recovers from that.
Her younger sister married another St.Louis boy. They live in Israel. Her parents called to tell her she had to come home. That her sister was killed. But they didn't say how. Because how do you tell someone that.
I spoke to a couple friends that went to the funeral. They said it was terrible. Everyone was crying. Yes, I know many people cry at funerals. But there is crying. And then there are heartwrenching sobs. My friend said it was the hardest thing she has ever done. In her life.
St. Louis is in shock. How does a community get over this? I guess eventually they do. But I imagine it will take years. Decades maybe.
I remember the year I spent in highschool at Block in St. Louis. They had moved the girls to a new building. Right near the mall. We would often walk to the mall during our lunch break or a free period. On that walk to the mall, we passed a tall office building. And I remember hearing about a boy who commited suicide off that building. A yeshiva bochur. Everytime we walked past that building, I would look at it and almost get chills. And that wasn't even someone I knew.
I asked another friend who was closer to her if she knew she was depressed. And she said she knew that she felt very pressured. All of her close friends were married, most with at least one child. Her younger sister was married. And she couldn't find someone. The pressure to get married was a lot for her. I don't know if it was internal or external or both. But maybe this will be an eye-opener. There is so much pressure on girls to get married. 25 is not an old maid. Far from it. That's something to keep in mind.

I can't stop thinking about her. I can't stop thinking about her friends and her family and how awful they must feel. Awful for the loss and awful that it didn't have to happen. It shouldn't have happened. I am sure they are going to have to deal with so many different emotions. And I feel for the boy who broke up with her on Sunday night. I know that isn't why she jumped. But it was probably the last straw. But I don't envy that poor boy and what he is going through. And her roommate, Aviva. They grew up together. They were best friends and roomates. They saw each other every day. I know she is not dealing with this. I can't even begin to imagine what her mother is going through. I wish them all strength and peace. To everyone that this affects.
I feel like I should be doing something. I feel like I should have done something. Maybe that's crazy. I mean, I don't know when we last spoke to each other. I wish we were closer. I wish I had been there for her. I don't even know what I wish. I just feel so bad.
I don't know what else there is to say.

One of the things I heard that was said by the Rabbi of the Young Israel in St. Louis. He and his wife were both teachers of mine. In more than one grade. And I know they taught Sarah, too.
He said the Torah teaches us "V'Ahavta L'erayacha Kamocha - Love Your Neighbor as Yourself." We are all supposed to love our friends the way that we love ourselves. But what do you do if you don't love yourself?
That was an amazing thing about Sarah. She was able to love her friends so much and always greet people with a big smiling face. She was able to truly love her friends.......... even though she didn't love herself. She was able to really take care of her friends. Even though she was hurting so badly inside. Hurting more than any of us can know.

Poor Sarah. May she finally rest in peace.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

We interrupt the previous post to bring you this message.....

I'm famous!!!
Ok, not quite. But I am on the Free Press website video. I didn't do a very good speaking job but oh well....
You can see the video by going to It is towards the middle of the page on the left side. Under "Southfield crowd says Israel should not yield". Under the blurb, it says VIDEO: Local Demonstrations. Click that and first you will see the Arab demonstration and then the Israel one. I am towards the end. Oh yah, and I am the one walking in wearing the Israeli flag, talking on the phone.
Or I think you can go to this link:

Enjoy. :)
And just to let you all know. There is another "rally" tonight at Dovid Ben Nuchim for Tehillim. It would be nice to have as big a gathering there as we did for the rally last night.....

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Part 1

I am taking a poll.

If you were not charged for an item or were mischarged (to your advantage) and realize afterwards, do you go back to the store and have them correct the mistake?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Great Quote

I found a great quote before one of the stories in Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul.

"Parenthood: The state of being better chaperoned than you were before marriage."
-Marcelene Cox

WOW, is that ever true......

Friday, July 14, 2006

Invinsible? I am not.

Ok - this post goes out to Shelley - my loyal blog reader. And perhaps the only one left?
Oops, I will try to start posting more often. My life has been busy lately but not really with blog-worthy stuff.
But here is the story Shel has been waiting for.
Some of you may know that I play basketball on Monday and sometime Wednesday nights with a group of girls/women. We've been playing since January-ish and look forward to it every week. It's GREAT excercise - we play for about an hour. And it's fun!!
But people get hurt a lot. Mostly ankle injuries, some hand/finger injuries, and an eye. Most of our husbands play basketball on Tuesday nights but they never seem to come home with the injury stories that we have. Maybe it's because they have been playing longer. Or perhaps because they are Men - ar ar ar.
Until this past Monday, I hadn't had any major injuries. The worst I think was a fall on my knees that got bruised pretty badly and then fell again the next week. But certainly nothing that would prevent me from playing.
I hadn't gone to basketball the week before because we had a wedding to go to and this past Monday we were coming back from a funeral in Pittsburgh. I wasn't sure if I would make it on time for b-ball but we made it back in town, I changed my clothes, made a quick phone call, and was off to b-ball. Had to show everyone that I WAS dedicated!!!
There were only 5 people that showed up so we were playing 3 on 2. Someone threw me a pass that I caught badly and POP!! I felt it and knew something bad happened.
Being the (expired) EMT of the bunch, I usually bring those one-time use ice packs. But since I was in such a rush to get to the game, I didn't have time to go through my EMT bag to find one. Oops. Although it wouldn't really have fixed my problem.
So, after I felt the pop, I ran outside to the water fountain to get it under some cold water. And that's when I looked at it. Ewwwwww. My left pinkie was sticking out sideways from the middle joint. Ewwwww.
I went back into the gym, holding my hands up and said something like, "There is something really wrong with my finger." I think it grossed everyone out pretty badly. At first I thought it was broken because of the way it was sticking out but I was able to move it a little so I figured it must just be dislocated and needed to be popped back into place. I wasn't quite sure what to do from there. So I asked, "Ok, what do we do? Where do I go? Do I go home? Emergency room? Is there a doctor or someone around who can help me?" There was a lot of drama going on amongst the other people who were there but they will have to tell you their stories....
Someone spoke up and said she would call a doctor who lives right around there. He is the husband of one of the women who usually play with us (but she was currently in NY). So she called him and he told us to come over to his house. We raced over there and he looked at it and offered to pop it back in place with or without numbing it. I kind of wanted it back in place right then and there but luckily the person I was with said NUMB IT!! So 3 shots later (AHHH) it was numb and back in place. He gave me a temporary splint and a script for X-Rays to make sure nothing was broken.
We went to the hospital that night so we would know if it was broken or not and after 2 hours and a lot of run around at the hospital, we had the X-Rays done. Of course, they couldn't read them and give us the results so they said I would be contacted in 2-3 days. Ugh.
Luckily, the wonderful doctor who replaced my finger called for the results in the morning. He told me it was good news. Nothing was broken. But I wasn't sure why I was still in pain and why my finger was turning purple. That was explained an hour later when the doctor called back. He said that the initial report was from the resident but he wanted to double check it with the Official Report from the radiologist. That report said there was a slight fracture. Booo.
He then told me to make sure to see a hand specialist (there is a good one who davens in our shul) to make sure there was no tendon or ligament damage and to see how bad the fracture was. Of course attempting to make that appointment was really difficult. But after numerous phone calls and a visit to that doctor's house, I got my appointment this morning.
Yes, there was a fracture and even I could see it!! But luckily there was no major ligiment damage. I have to keep a splint on it for 3 weeks. And then we'll see................
No basketball for at least a month................
And that's what happened to my finger.
So that's my long story. Shel, I hope you enjoyed!!! I made it extra long (and kinda boring) to make up for the lack of blogs.
More to come....

Friday, June 16, 2006


I had a couple people come in today to pick up items they had on hold and they had very strange last names.

One was Ovary....... and the other was Bottom or Bottoms.


Monday, May 22, 2006

Favorite Words

My current favorite word of Jonah's is the way that he says "Rabbit".

He calls it a "Rabbip".

Friday, May 19, 2006

Priceless Interview

This is classic! The BBC apparently interviewed the wrong man on their news show!! A French cabbie was interviewed instead of a computer expert.

Watch the interview here.

Urgent Tehillim

I saw this on The Sabra blog.


Please take a minute of your time and say a Kapitel Tehillim for CHANA BAS RASHA ZELDA - A Kallah, less than a month before her wedding, who has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Please say Kapital Chof and Kapitel Chof Beis and in the zchus of everyone's Tehillim may she be able to walk down to her Chupah very very soon!! Amen!

Please pass this message on to at least 5 people...or put it on your blog.(do not not ignore this. please. we know her.)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Little Lindsay

I was watching the news last night and I saw a story about a little girl that really touched me.
Her name is Lindsay and she is 2 years old. When she was 5 months old, she was diagnosed with a very rare disease called Progeria. From what I understand, she will age 8 times faster than a regular baby. She already shows signs of aging like balding, very visable veins on her head, stiff joints, and wrinkly, old looking legs.
From the few clips I saw of her on TV, she was a child full of life and happiness. And a BIG Pistons fan!!!! Her parents are trying to just enjoy every moment with her and appreciate everything while they can, because they don't know when it will end.
I don't know how they do it.
I believe they will be showing her story again tonight (May 17th) on Channel 2 at 5pm with Lila Lazareth. You should watch it. It makes you stop and take a second glance at life. And appreciate. We are SO lucky.
She also has a website you should check out. It is
She's a pretty amazing little girl. I wish her luck and happiness and good health.
And a cure.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Show Me St. Louis Wedding

There is a contest going on through one of St. Louis's TV Stations (I guess it is the NBC affiliate?). Their tagline is Show Me St.Louis and they are going to pick one couple and pay for and plan (?) their St. Louis wedding. It is down the 3 couples and one of the people is the kosher butcher's son (Israeli Menashe who works at Simon Kohn's). The son, Yeshai, is engaged to a girl named Tracy from New Orleans. She and her family lost everything in the hurricane.
They have a really good story (you can read it on the website) and deserve to win this contest!!
So please cast your vote at the following website for Yeshai Gibli & Tracy Bronik.
Thank you!!!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006


Ok, so what is the proper etiquette for Bridal Shower and Wedding Presents?
Are you supposed to get two seperate presents? One that you give at the shower and one that you give at the ...... wedding?
Is one supposed to be bigger than the other one?
What about if you aren't really friends with the person. More like aquantances. And you can't quite figure out why you were invited to the shower in the first place. Does this mean you will be invited to the wedding too?
And what happens with the present issue?

Let me know your thoughts on that one - as I head out to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Ooh, one more question. Can I get the same thing as a shower and a wedding present? Like if this person requested 2 sets of Dinnerware (16 piece sets) - can I buy one for the shower and one for the wedding?

As if we have money to just toss around on wedding presents of people we really have nothing to do with.....................................

Thursday, May 04, 2006

An Embarrassing Moment

Well. I finally have one of those "Embarrassing Stories" ....... thanks to the little J man.

We got last minute tickets to a Playoff Pistons game last night which was REALLY exciting. But we already had plans. We were able to rearrange most of them but had no one to watch Jonah. So we brought him with us. We were a little concerned about how he would do but it was an early game (6pm) and we brought a sandwich and snacks for him and figured he would fall asleep on the way home at bedtime. He had really enjoyed the baseball game we went to over Pesach so we figured we would see how he does at the basketball game. Once he got over his initial fear of all the people and noise and once we gave him the thunder sticks - he was happy.

We all enjoyed the game until we thought Jonah needed a diaper change. I told Shu I would take him because I figured there may only be changing stations in the women's restroom and I thought Shu deserved a little break and some time to concentrate on the game.
I picked Jonah up and began to carry him down the stairs. He had his paci in his mouth and as we were going down the stairs I think he got excited and opened his mouth to say something and POP, out fell the paci. I felt like I was watching the whole thing in slow motion as the paci fell and bounced on the stairs and then...................... right into some guy's cup of beer. SPLASH!

In my head, I picured the man picking up his beer and taking a big swig only to find a bright red paci in it!!! So I rushed down the 5-10 stairs it was to get to him, tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Sir, I am so so sorry but my son dropped his pacifier and it ended up in your cup of beer! I am so so so sorry. I can't believe he did that." I was kind of nervously laughing and kept apologizing. The man gave me a strange look and looked over at his beer and then back at me with a REALLY grossed out look. I apologized a few more times and then offered to buy him a new beer. He said he would appreciate that if I have time. I asked him what kind it was and he just said a regular beer. I guess they don't have many options at the game. A beer is a beer.

As I was leaving, I glanced up to see if Shu saw what happened and by his smile, it appeared that he did. Along with the rest of our section!!!!!
As I got to the bottom of the stairs some women who was just coming up made a comment to me about what a great shot that was and Jonah deserves something for that!!

We went to go change his diaper (which apparently needs to be changed in the Family bathroom not just the regular bathroom) and it didn't even turn out to be dirty!!!! We came back to get the beer and it was a whopping $8!!!!!! I tried to tell the lady my "sob story" but she wasn't impressed and was more concerned that Jonah was going to drink the beer. I then had to try and juggle Jonah and his bag and the beer and try to get back up the stairs. We made it into the arena but then there was HUGE cheer and Jonah got completly freaked out and was grabbing onto my legs. I was looking around trying to find Shu to get some help and I started thinking we were in the wrong section. I didn't see Shu and I didn't see the man who wanted the beer and I felt totally lost!! But then I saw Shu coming down the stairs to help me. He took Jonah and I took the beer. The man looked a little surprised to see me (probably because we took so long) but his wife seemed quite amused at the whole story.

So that was that. Hope you all enjoyed and got a laugh out of it. :)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Better Pic For You (and me)

I am tired of going to my blog and seeing the same old picture of our "Dog that got away..." But then I start thinking of things I want to blog about and I feel like I should do something more productive. Like working on my medical billing job or doing laundry or cleaning stuff or all the other things that come along with LIFE and being a wife and mom.
So.... this is the end of my post for today because I really just wanted to post a better picture to look at than that cute dog which is still up for adoption (Awwwwwww).
So here is a GREAT one of my Little Guy. Enjoy and don't give up on me yet. I WILL post again someday.........
Hey, does anyone have a good/easy recipe for spagetti and meatballs or meat sauce?
There, that's something to comment on if the picture wasn't enough. :)
Have a good one!!!!!

Friday, March 31, 2006

The One That Got Away

Ok, it didn't get away as much as we had to give her back. She was just too much of a puppy for Jonah (and us) to handle.
To update you (although most who read my blog also read Shu's so they know about our trial-run doggy) we were trying out a doggy for a few days to see if this was the One for us. To be honest, she really was the perfect dog. She was sweet and affectionate and good with kids and gorgeous!! But she was a puppy. And we are looking for a Dog.
In her defense, she was housetrained which was #1 on our list. But that was pretty much it in the training department. She jumps up on people and furniture, she bites (A LOT - probably because she is teething), she doesn't walk well on a leash, she doesn't like to go in her crate at night, and she likes to wake up at 6 am!!!! She doesn't sit or stay or shake hands. But she does fetch. Maybe that is an inherent dog trait.
Jonah and I REALLY liked her. Shu......well, tolerated her, perhaps? He doesn't understand why people want to have animals live in their homes. If you would like, you can read his commentary on that at Just Shu.

The problem was, Jonah mostly enjoyed the dog from a distance. Like on the couch or on our laps. Every once in awhile he would sneak off the couch and grab a toy and quickly run to get back on the couch. He did share well with the dog and loved to give her her bone and treats. He also learned how to say "DOWN" which was cute.
But it wasn't really fair to let the new doggy rule the house and have Jonah banished to the couch.
So to recap, the dog would have been the PERFECT dog if:
A. She was older
B. Jonah was older
C. She was smaller (?)

That being said, here are a few pictures in tribute to our dog "Doggy" and Jonah and their few fond moments together. Just imagine some nice music playing in the background as you scroll through the pics. :)

Also, once the dog was gone. Jonah found a new playhouse.....................................................

As you can see, Shu joined him the dog house! JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am curious where this hatred of animals came from? Shu's whole family seems to have an unnatural hatred of animals. Except Dad? And Shev? And supposedly Sarra? Any ideas?

Friday, March 24, 2006

Broken Blog

Is anyone else having trouble viewing my previous post? For some reason, when I open up my blog, it doesn't show up. It is just empty space.
Anyone know what is up with that?????
Let me know if you can read it.

What To Do??

The Kohl's Employees are having a campaign called "What to Do" or something like that. We are collecting toys and games for kids in Childrens Hospital. So if you have any extra games or coloring books or other "Things to Do", let me know and I will bring it into work. This campaign is running through April 1st. If you need more information or have questions, let me know. Thanks!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


David "Rick" Martinez
June 16, 1945 - February 22, 1997

Tonight and tomorrow is my dad's Yarzeit. His name was Dovid ben Avraham.

If you want to make a L'Chaim for an aliyah for his neshama, feel free. :) Or you can do something else and have in mind that his neshama should have an aliyah.

I think this will be the end of my depressing posts (at least for now). The blog is getting too dark.
Stay tuned for Purim pics of Jonah!!!!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Death's Eyes

I wrote this about 3 weeks after my dad passed away. Same time as the last poem I posted. I was on a plane going somewhere when I wrote these. Maybe to New York? Possibly back to Pittsburgh?
Looking back at it, it's pretty morbid.

Death's Eyes
March 16, 1997

I look out into the darkness
And what do I see
But a pair of dark blue eyes
Looking back at me.
Who are you? I cry.
And why are you here?
What do you want?
Do I have cause to fear?
I am your worst nightmare
I have come to take you away
Come quickly now
For I cannot stay.
You claim you are my worst nightmare
Yet I am not scared
You've come to take me away
I have no belongings but am prepared.
Is your name Death?
Is that who you are?
If I have guessed the truth
Then please take me and take me far
For then I will find my father
The hole in my heart he can fill
And we will have found happiness
Yes I know that we will.

Monday, March 06, 2006

I'm It. Again.

I got tagged. Personally, I don't like this one as much as the last one but I will fill it out anway.
Oh yah, and I tag.............Malkie C., Shelley S., and Milaine. I know you don't have blogs but you say you read mine so you can post your response in the comments section. :)

Q: Who's the 4th person on your received call list?
A: Seth

Q: What's your main ringtone on your phone?
A: Latin

Q: What were you doing at midnight last night?
A: Working (medical billing)

Q: What did the last text message on your cell phone say?
A: I am so sick. Sorry for not replying earlier. Ill try calling u tomorrow. Good night. Lena.

Q: Whose bed did you sleep in last night?
A: Mine

Q: What color shirt are you wearing?
A: Denim

Q: Most recent movie that you watched?
A: Closer (UGH)

Q: Name 3 things that you have on you at all times?
A: engagement ring, wedding band, necklace

Q: What's the color of your bedsheets?
A: Blue

Q: How much cash do you have on you right now?
A: 26 cents

Q: What is your favorite part of the chicken?
A: The part that someone else cleaned and cooked.

Q: What's your favorite town/city?
A: How about State? Israel.

Q: I can't wait to (til)...?
A: Be out of debt.

Q: When was the last time you saw your mom?
A: January

Q: When was the last time you saw your dad?
A: February 23rd, 1997.

Q: When was the last time you talked to them?
A: Mom, Thursday night.
Dad - see above. Unless you count talking to his "soul".

Q: What did you have for dinner LAST NIGHT?
A: Broccolli quiche, sesame noodles, and 7 layer cake.

Q: How long have you been at your current job?
A: Job #1 - 2 years and 3 months
Job #2 - almost a year

Q: Look to your left. What's there?
A: The door to the porch, cabinets, a stereo

Q: Who is the last person you spent over $50 on?
A: Our company- I bought food for Shabbas.

Q: What's the last piece of clothing you borrowed from someone?
A: Jocey's cute grey hat

Q: What website(s) do you visit the most during the day?
A: I am usually just trying to catch up with e-mail. Or if I am working, I am on the work website.

Q: Do you have an air freshener in your car?
A: nope

Q: Do you have plants in your room?
A: nope

Q: Does anything hurt on your body right now?
A: Nope, thank G-d

Q: What city was your last taxi cab ride in?
A: St. Louis - in the wee hours of the morning

Q: Do you own a camera phone?
A: Yep

Q: What's your favorite Starbucks drink?
A: Don't go to Starbucks. But if I did, it would either be hot chocolate or hot apple cider (I assume they have those)

Q: Recent time you were really upset?
A: At the doctor.

Q: Have you been in love with anyone?
A: Oh yes.

Friday, March 03, 2006

I Once Was A Daddy's Girl

I wrote this poem about 3 weeks after my dad passed away.

I Once Was A Daddy's Girl
March 16, 1997

Daddy's Girl
Yes, that was me
Daddy's Girl
Didn't you see?

Now he is gone
And I am all alone
I feel so lost
I have no home.

How will I get through
When he is not here?
Living on my own
Is what I fear.

How could this happen?
How could he die?
Why did he leave me?
Why, oh why?

I once was a Daddy's Girl
Did you look? Did you see?
Once it was me and daddy.
Now it's just me.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

To Dad, With Love

I wrote this in January of 1997. My father had been diagnosed with cancer 2 months before, around Thanksgiving. In January, he came down with a blood infection and was not expected to live through the night. I was in school in Pittsburgh at the time and booked a flight home as soon as I could get one - which wasn't until the next morning.
I had to call my dad that night and basically say goodbye to him over the phone. What do you say in a phone call like that??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wrote this poem for him while waiting to go home. I read it to him in the ICU, while wearing a surgical mask. I was not allowed to give him the hug, kiss, or even show him the smile I wrote about.
But I hung the poem on the wall when I left.

And this is the poem I was asked to read at his funeral.

To Dad, With Love
To me you mean the world
You're my dad and you should know.
That I love you and I miss you
Although these feelings rarely show.

You're sick right now and in pain
It hurts me too, you see
I am your only daughter,
Your youngest I'll always be.

Things are rough right now
They have been for awhile
I don't know how to cheer you up
But here's a hug, a kiss, and a smile.

I try to be strong and keep my chin high
I daven, I pray everyday
I know my Tefilot will reach Hashem
I know they will find the way.

Around the world and back again
People are hoping and praying for you.
And no matter what happens,
Please know that I love you.


I was going through some of my files the other day and I came across a notebook of poetry I had kept while my dad was sick and after he passed away.
That was one of the ways I dealt with all the emotions raging inside of me. I wrote. I would not say it's very good poetry, but it's how I felt, for the most part.
Ever since my last post, I have been thinking of my dad a lot more often. Maybe I am building up for his Hebrew yarzeit (which is 2 days after Purim). In case you are confused about why the two don't coincide, when he passed away, it was a Hebrew leap year so there were 2 months of Adar. He passed away in the first one and Purim was in the second one. Does that help?
Well, I have been thinking of my dad more often and want to share things about him. I haven't decided exactly how I want to do that but I figure my poetry is a good start. So I am going to toss a few poems out there for ya. Once again, they aren't very good but they are real.
This is just my Introduction. And I will post poems separately.
Or don't.

Friday, February 24, 2006

February 23rd, 1997

This is the third time I have opened up blogger to post. But I don't know what to write or how to write it.
I have been meaning to write for the past week - random stories or thoughts but never got around to it.
But today, I feel I should post. It has just been a strange day for me. I am not sure how to feel.

9 years ago today my father passed away. 9 years is a long time. Almost a decade. And I don't know how to feel about it anymore. I'm not saying that I am not sad. But the pain is not the same as it once was. And I feel guilty about that. I didn't go through today all day thinking about what happened at this moment 9 years ago. I didn't wake up this morning thinking how I didn't want to get out of bed and I just wanted the day to be over.
I woke up because Jonah woke up and my alarm went off. I was feeling pretty sick (I am fighting something but at this point I am not sure who is winning). I had breakfast and got my lunch together. And went to work.
At work, I was pretty busy so my mind wasn't on it that much. I didn't think about the exact moment when he died or what happened right afterwards. I thought about it briefly when customers would ask the date. Feb. 23rd.
Feb. 23rd.
Feb. 23rd.
When he died, I think there were ways that it hurt me very badly and messed me up. And there were ways that getting through it helped me grow. It made me a better person in some ways. It made me grow up in a LOT of ways. It obviously changed my entire life. Not for the better - just for the different.
The hard thing is, I can't imagine him in my life right now. I am such a different person. It's hard for me to imagine a conversation with him. What would we talk about? Would we be as close as we once were?
The crazy thing is, the one thing I can imagine is him and Jonah. My dad LOVED kids. And I can just picture Jonah running up to him and giving him a HUGE hug. I can imagine the two of them having a conversation in Jonah's little language. I can see my dad's eyes light up at the sight of him and Jonah's eyes light up playing with him. I think Jonah has my dad's eyes.
Sometimes when Jonah stares at me - he has such a knowing look. Like he stares deep inside of me. He looks at me the way my dad sometimes looked at me when he wasn't able to communicate so well anymore. Maybe that's freaky. Or maybe it's just my mind playing tricks on me. Trying to hold on to some part of my dad. I don't know.
It is what it is.
The one thing I hate about my dad's death is how it has desensitized me. Like when I hear about an older person passing away, it's very hard for me to feel sad about it. I automatically think, wow, you were lucky to have had them around for that long. They lived a long and full life, what is there to be sad about? But you can't say that to someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. I think it is a terrible attitude for me to have. I hear about people losing grandparents and I really don't know what to say. Because that is the way things happen. That is a normal time for them to die.
When my dad died, all 4 of my grandparents were still living. Within 3 years of his death, 3 of them had passed away. My mom's parents died when I was in Israel for seminary (they died within about 2 months from each other) and my dad's father died while I was in New York. I wasn't very close with those grandparents and so while I was very sad when they died, it was not something that haunted me day and night for weeks or months afterward. I think I was more sad for what we missed out on as opposed to just the fact of losing them. When I hear of someone losing a grandparent, after my initial reaction where I can't really understand their pain, I think of losing my living grandmother. And that shock wakes me up and I realize that yes, it still hurts. I can't even think about it because I can't imagine her not around.
So, I guess I am still somewhat mixed up.
While I wrote this, I did shed a few tears. Mostly when I was writing about my dad and Jonah. Maybe because I knew that my thoughts are all that I will have of them. Picturing them together in my head is as close as I will get to it.
Part of me still wishes I had more of the pain that I had when I lost him. Maybe I feel like I would be a better daughter if I was more miserable today. Or maybe this is just what happens almost a decade after you lose someone...................

Maybe I am normal.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Does anyone know of a good financial planning/tracking program? I tried Quicken but Shu's computer wouldn't let me get updates from the Internet so I had to put everything in manually. After 3 hours, I really didn't accomplish much because I was still missing so much information and didn't understand how it all works.
Does anyone know of an easier program?
I basically just want to track my expenses and maybe get some help with budgeting.
Any suggestions?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The End of an Era

As of 1/31/2006, I am officially no longer an EMT.
In practice, I have not been an EMT since 2003 but on paper, I was a New York State licensed EMT until 2 weeks ago.
Part of me is sad about it. That was a career path, I thought I had chosen to follow. But then things changed. And it simply didn't fit into my lifestyle anymore. Also, I didn't love it in America the way that I loved it in Israel. It was so different here. It was no longer about the patient first and foremost. It was about making sure you cover your tush and don't get sued. Here, EMT's are at the bottom of the chain. There is no respect for them (at least in the hospital setting).
In Israel, it was a different story. That's where I got my start as an EMT. Well, a First Responder and then a step up. Kind of a non-driving EMT. When I took my course in Israel and started volunteering in Ashdod, it was like I found my path. I loved it. Every aspect of it. The good calls, the bad calls, the adrenaline. Making a difference. Helping the people of Israel. At a time when the Intifada was at it's worst and every day we wondered where the next bomb would go off, I felt like I stepped in to try and help. It wasn't easy but it was amazing. It changed my life.
To give a little background, I went back to Israel for an Overseas program with Ben Gurion University in August of 2001. I went a little early and volunteered with the Israeli Army in a program called Sar-El for a short time. I wanted to be in Israel to help. I was so helpless in America and just being back in Israel at such a time felt good. Volunteering in the army felt great. No, we didn't do anything major but we sort of took the place of a reserve soldier so they could do other things. We did a lot of grunt work. And I loved it. Someone has to do it.....
Then I started the University program and got into the university lifestyle. We had fun. Tuesday nights were salsa night in the bomb shelter turned disco. Random nights we would drive out into the desert (we had no room for anyone else in the car one night that we went so we stuffed 2 people in the trunk.....) and have bonfires. Touring, classes, having fun.
Then came time for winter break. Things in the country were going downhill and I felt like I was in Israel but I wasn't doing anything to HELP Israel. A lot of my friends were going back to the States for our 2 1/2 month break but I didn't have the money nor the desire for it. I started researching different programs and thought about going back to Sar-El. I even hooked some friends up with the program. But then I found out about the Magen David Adom Overseas Volunteer program. Wow. Intensive training for a week as a First Responder and then be sent somewhere in the country to ride on ambulances for 2 months. It sounded perfect. But could I really do it? I had never seen any blood or guts in my life and never broken any of my own bones. Would I be able to keep my cool? Would I freak out?
But I wanted to do it SO badly. I met with Yochai who was in charge of the program and we discussed it. He said as part of the training, we would be helped out with that aspect and learn how to deal with what we would see. Physically and emotionally. He encouraged me to go for it.
So, I did.
I was sent to Ashdod with 4 other volunteers and we had an amazing time. Truly life-changing.
As for my best and worst cases?
Well, the best were always the pregnant ladies we would transport to the hospitals that always waited just a little bit too long. One of them was REALLY close and the medic in the back with me said that if we didn't make it to the hospital in 2 minutes, we would be delivering the baby right here. I leaned over to the driver and whispered for him to slow down. I REALLY wanted to deliver a baby. But, we made it. Lucky lady.
Worst cases? Well, there are a few of those. But 2 stand out in my head. The first was one of my first few calls. We had to accompany the police to a house and tell some parents that their daughter had been found dead. She had OD'd on drugs. Whew. That was a rough one. Just standing there and trying to keep my composure while watching the police deliver the news. It was rough. Watching the mother crumple down when they told her. Knowing her life had just changed forever. That was a tough one.
The other was more of a physically challenging case. And I believe it is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. The next few paragraphs may be graphic so beware. Proceed with caution.
We got the call just after my team and I were munching on delicious pizza bourekas. The call is a man shot in the head. I throw my boureka back in the bag and gobble down some TUMS. We don't know any more information than that. It's the driver, an Israeli volunteer and me. The Israeli volunteer is sitting up front and does her lipstick as we are racing through the streets. Thoughts are flashing through my head. What will it look like? Will I faint? Will I throw up? Will we be able to save him? Was it a suicide? A murder? Through the mouth? Through the ear? I told the driver that this is my first case seeing blood and guts. My other cases had been more along the lines of either already dead people or breathing issues. For the most part. But no REAL blood, guts, and gore. The driver's advice to us was whatever we do, don't faint. We can throw up as much as we want, but don't faint. Oh boy.
We get to the apartment and there are police cars outside. We go upstairs in the elevator and a nosy neighbor is asking what's going on. But we don't say anything. Don't faint. Don't faint. I was feeling a little light-headed. The elevator gets to the right floor and I see the doorway opened a crack. Woaaaah.....
But as soon as we enter the apartment and I take a glance around the apartment, I feel my mind completely switch gears. It's not about me anymore. It is about the patient. Let's do what we can and try to save him. I take it all in. A man on the porch, looking upset. Policemen. A pillow on the floor. A black gun lying in a pool of blood. In some ways it looked like a movie scene. The way it was set up. But in the movies, you just have bright red blood. You don't have bits of brain matter and various shades of blood and other goop.
There was an old man, lying on the floor. And he was gasping for breath. He was still alive. But barely. My memory is a little hazy at this point. I was getting supplies from the bag and giving them to the medic and the other volunteer. The medic was doing stuff to the man and getting the Automatic External Defibrilater (sp?) ready and the girl was holding what was left of his head and was bagging him - helping him breathe. I remember at one point, she said she felt his brain coming out into her hands and was going to throw up. I was going to take over but she recovered.
He took some final gasps for air but didn't make it. We had to call another crew that had a doctor and get permission to stop working on him. There was just nothing left to do.
A police photographer was there snapping pictures. We cleaned up our mess and waited for the other crew to arrive so the doctor could officially declare him dead.
We got some of the story while we were waiting. The man had cancer and some other medical issues and was basically slowly dying. His son (the man on the porch) had come to take him to another appointment and when he came into the apartment, found him dead on the floor.
So that was that.
I won't ever forget that call.
During my time as a New York EMT, I did not have anything quite as dramatic as that. The two cases that stick out most in my head are one, when I did my required day at the ER, I had a chance to do CPR compressions on a man. It was tough. He didn't make it and wasn't going to make it by the time they let us try the compressions but it was good experiance. It's a lot harder doing it on an older, overweight man than it is on Annie, the CPR dummy.
The other case was a woman from a nursing home who we pretty much saved her life. She was having really bad breathing issues and kept puking everywhere but she wasn't getting any oxygen. So we had to bag her and I rode to the hospital while crouched over the stretcher bagging her, forcing her to breathe - amidst puke. That was a really intense call. And my partner and I had a fight afterwards.
Well, that's that. My most memorable moments as an EMT. And the end of an era.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Summer Lovin.......

My boss went to the Superbowl. He is from Pittsburgh and had been trying to get tickets for awhile and at the last minute, his sister-in-law pulled through and got him an extra ticket. She has something to do with the governor, perhaps the campaign? I'm not exactly sure but they were in a suite on the 40 yard line so she must do something good.
We chatted about the game and how cool it was that he was there and yada yada yada and then he was telling me about sitting in this suite and the people that he was near. Well, Barry Sanders sat about 2 feet in front of him. I wasn't quite sure who Barry Sanders was at the time but I recognized the name and knew he was a Lions something so I figured he must have been good if even I knew the name!! Ok, ooh la la, whatever.
And then he casually mentioned who else was there.....
"Matt, " I said, "Before you mentioned that, I thought it was pretty cool that you went and yah, I wish I could have been there....but now, I am OFFICIALLY jealous."
I am sure that I am disappointing my husband by saying one of the coolest things about my boss going to the Superbowl was the fact that he sat right near John Travolta. And this will be probably add another reason to my husband's argument that he would rather take a guy friend to the Superbowl than me. (the other reason was because I asked him if he was going to shave before we went to a Superbowl party - but in my defense, I would have asked him that if we were going out ANYWHERE.) Anyway, so sorry to disappoint you, Shu but I think the whole John Travolta thing is pretty cool.
I guess it all goes back to elementary school and my best friend, Sarah, and my obsession with Grease. We used to watch it at all of our sleepovers. Of course we knew all the songs by heart and we even won our school talent show when we lipsynced Summer Lovin in 4th grade. We had choreographing and everything.
Ahh, good times, good times.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I was scammed at work today. And I am SO frustrated about it. Because I should have known better and I should have caught it. Argh!
The scammer is a customer that I know (not by name but by sight) and she is a big clearance customer. She buys almost only clearance items and returns about 1/3 of it. But she is generally pretty organized and always has her receipts. She seperates her returns and things always match up. Usually her reason for return is wrong size. She is very pleasant but doesn't seem to speak English very well (or pretends not to at least) so we don't speak much. Bottom line, I had no reason to think of her as a "problem customer".
Today she came up with two bags and two seperate returns (of 3 items each). 4 men's shirts and 2 women's. She had her receipts and all tags were attached. I scanned each item, found it on the receipt (a pretty recent receipt), and returned it. Most were $10.00 items, one was a $15.00 item. I took the pile and put it aside, gave her mostly store credit back (because that is how she paid for it, with the balance on her Kohl's charge. And wished her a good day. Then I turned to scan the items and make sure they were ticketed with the correct clearance sticker (red or yellow). I pick up the first shirt and hold it up and see that it looks................used. A little dirty perhaps and felt like is had been washed..... So I enter the number into the computer and see that the tag brand does NOT match the shirt brand. I then find a UPC number in the shirt and check it to the one on the tag. As I feared, no match. ARGH!!!! This wasn't a huge deal though because the price difference was only $3.00. But still!! I show my co-worked and then give the customer the benefit of the doubt. She is a usual customer and her returns are always in order and so maybe we were scammed by another customer, no one caught it, and the shirt was put out on the floor. And this unsuspecting customer picked it up and bought it.......
And then I checked the second shirt. Same thing!! But this was a $1.00 item that she got $10.00 back for!!! This was the same vendor but the tags and numbers weren't the same. These were even easy to check because the UPC was in the shirt!!! I don't think this one was worn but it was kind of hard to tell.....
The other items were fine except for a woman's blazer that may or may not have been the correct item.......
I was scammed!!!!!! I guess it happens to the best of us (hehe) and I can't let my guard down. I just look forward to the next time she comes in............. I hope she tries it again. And she tries it with me. Not that I can say anything about the previous time but I can catch her trying it again. And let LP (Loss Prevention) know to keep an eye on her.
Because I am sure Clearance Lady will be back.................................
And I will be waiting..............................

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Back in the Game

I played basketball last night for the first time in YEARS!!!!!! Ever since Micha's party (months ago) at Whirlyball, I felt that competitive streak rise in me and wanted to start playing team sports again. Basketball is my favorite and there were a bunch of other girls interested in playing too. Hey, if our husbands can go play sports twice a week, we can have at least one night out!!
We finally found out about some ladies that play on Monday nights and found out that we could join them. Adina and I were the only ones who went last night mostly to check it out. We were a little nervous that they would be really good.......and we would not. Or that there would be too many people and we wouldn't be able to bring along the 10 people that were interested in it before. But it turns out that we didn't have to worry about it. Yes, they were better than us but it's a pretty casual game and we weren't that bad. :) Apparently, I make way more baskets in the game than I do when I am just shooting. Shu says it's because I don't have time to think about it. Makes sense.
So we played for an hour until I was totally exhausted!!! And SOOOOOO sore. In a good way. I can't wait to do this every week. It will be great excercise and a lot of fun too.
I really have to work on my defense. I'm just not aggresive enough, I think. And one girl got me every time.... she would get the ball, on the right side of the court (facing the basket) and hold her arm out and come around in a circle to the basket and shoot. And try as I might, I was never able to catch her. Now Shu's advice was first of all, she isn't allowed to do that, clearing the way with her arm. And second, if she is going to do that, I should stand in front of her and just not let her move. Well, it sounds easier than it is.
But back to the problem at hand - should I tell her it's not allowed? Or should we assume that because it's a girl's casual game, it is allowed???
I don't know.
Maybe I will wait until I have been there for a few more games and then say something. Or Adina and I were hoping one day to have a refereed game by our husbands and then we can really learn what we are doing wrong.
I will keep you posted.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Goldie and Sunshine?

Well, it looks like our dog plan is on hold until the spring or so but what do you think about guinea pigs??
This idea came up during a trip to PetSmart in St. Louis. Yes, we have started going to pet stores for fun. Hey, it's free entertainment. I practically have to drag Jonah out of there!!!
So we were looking at all the pets and decided that a guinea pig may be a good pet for now.
Well, Shu doesn't want any part in this but that's ok. I can handle feeding and changing the cage and playing with it. It definitly doesn't take as much work as a dog does. That I couldn't do on my own.
Anywhoo, Jonah LOVES animals of any sort (he also loves babies but............) so why not get a pet? Also, I grew up with all kinds of pets and I REALLY miss having them around.
So, I hope the possible guinea pigs won't keep any of you away........
I may go to the Tiny Paws Rescue which is a place that deals with little animals and finding them homes. Also, they have a Foster program so you can try the pet out for 30 days and return it if you don't like it.
Two of the guinea pigs they currently have are a mom and baby, Goldie and Sunshine. I think they are pretty cute. Maybe they will come home with us soon....................

And on a sort-of different topic, today was a GORGEOUS day and since I didn't have to be at work until 12, Jonah and I made a quick run to the zoo. We only had about 40 minutes but it was just enough time to spend in the butterfly and bird house. Very cool. I LOVE being zoo members!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tag, you're it.

I was tagged by 2R to do the 4MEME so here goes. No, I don't know what 4MEME stands for but I know I am supposed to give 4 answers to a bunch of questions. I will let you know at the end who I will tag............

Four jobs I've had:
1. Caregiver/Companion for little girl with brain tumor
2. Receptionest
3. Emergency Medical Technician
4. Customer Service Associate

Four places I've lived:
1. Chesterfield, MO
2. Squirrel Hill, PA
3. Jerusalem/Beer Sheva/Ashdod, Israel
4. Brooklyn, NY

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Mint Chocolate Chip Baskin Robbins Ice Cream
2. Pizza
3. Fettucini Alfredo
4. Dougie's fire poppers

Four books I would read over and over:
1. Jonah's Baby Book
2. A Seperate Peace
3. Goodnight Moon (almost every night)
4. Bereishis/ Genesis

Four movies I would see over and over:
1. The Rock
2. Grease
3. Princess Bride
4. Our wedding video

Four places I've been on vacation:
1. Door County, WI
2. Colorado
3. Florida
4. Israel

Four TV Shows I Love to watch:
1. ER
2. Fear Factor
3. Friends
4. Roseanne

Four places I would rather be:
1. Israel
2. Hawaii
3. California
4. Scotland

And I tag.......................... Just Shu, Random Thoughts, Dan Does Detroit, and Beloved Life.