Friday, January 13, 2006

Goldie and Sunshine?

Well, it looks like our dog plan is on hold until the spring or so but what do you think about guinea pigs??
This idea came up during a trip to PetSmart in St. Louis. Yes, we have started going to pet stores for fun. Hey, it's free entertainment. I practically have to drag Jonah out of there!!!
So we were looking at all the pets and decided that a guinea pig may be a good pet for now.
Well, Shu doesn't want any part in this but that's ok. I can handle feeding and changing the cage and playing with it. It definitly doesn't take as much work as a dog does. That I couldn't do on my own.
Anywhoo, Jonah LOVES animals of any sort (he also loves babies but............) so why not get a pet? Also, I grew up with all kinds of pets and I REALLY miss having them around.
So, I hope the possible guinea pigs won't keep any of you away........
I may go to the Tiny Paws Rescue which is a place that deals with little animals and finding them homes. Also, they have a Foster program so you can try the pet out for 30 days and return it if you don't like it.
Two of the guinea pigs they currently have are a mom and baby, Goldie and Sunshine. I think they are pretty cute. Maybe they will come home with us soon....................

And on a sort-of different topic, today was a GORGEOUS day and since I didn't have to be at work until 12, Jonah and I made a quick run to the zoo. We only had about 40 minutes but it was just enough time to spend in the butterfly and bird house. Very cool. I LOVE being zoo members!


jmpjules99 said...

guinea pigs can be lots of work and if you don't keep up on the cages they can stink.

how about fish :)

DonutsMom said...

What kind of "lots of work"? And if I do keep up the cage?

Olah Chadasha said...

They still smell.

TheGomzai said...

I remember going to my friends house that had a guinea pig and all I remember is how it always smelled bad. They also can run under furniture and may get stuck there...I would still come and visit you though if you did get one :)

Mrs. AP said...

When you think about it, guinea pigs are just slightly cuter versions of rats, mice, and squirrels. I'd take a dog or cat over any of those any time. Or better yet: how about a coupla pet rocks? It'd be a fun activity with Jonah painting faces, glueing hair, and sewing little outfits for them. And from what I hear they're pretty clean animals, don't need much excersize, don't get stuck under furniture or in heating vents, they don't drown in sump pumps (happened to one of my cousin's little furry friends - honest), and they don't eat much.

jmpjules99 said...

they tend to bite sometimes too...none of the ones we ever had but lots of my friends had biters.

I think it is easier caring for a dog...they poop and pee outside. :)

The lots of work is primarily in caring for the cage.

2R said...

i won't really visit that much, but more because of the ocean then the piggy's... i would be ok with you getting piggies :)

da shevster said...

babies smell 2. and u KEPT jonah. id go w/ the pig-things. try em out!

Air Time said...

On a different note, this was in today's Detroit News.

"There's a story going around that the Michigan State Police are going to blitz the Metro area during Super Bowl week with the intent of writing $9 million in citations (with $1 million going directly to the state police) as part of a "ticket frenzy."

It even specifies which freeways will be targeted (basically all of them) and that the troopers will write up anyone traveling as little as 5 mph over the speed limit so WATCH OUT!

There's just one problem: It's an urban legend and untrue.

If you check out the story on, you'll find that this ticket tale originally began in New Jersey in 2005 and has since popped up in Tennessee, Texas, California, Hawaii and now Michigan.

Now, does that mean the Michigan State Police won't be an increased presence during Super Bowl week?

Don't count on it."