Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Back in the Game

I played basketball last night for the first time in YEARS!!!!!! Ever since Micha's party (months ago) at Whirlyball, I felt that competitive streak rise in me and wanted to start playing team sports again. Basketball is my favorite and there were a bunch of other girls interested in playing too. Hey, if our husbands can go play sports twice a week, we can have at least one night out!!
We finally found out about some ladies that play on Monday nights and found out that we could join them. Adina and I were the only ones who went last night mostly to check it out. We were a little nervous that they would be really good.......and we would not. Or that there would be too many people and we wouldn't be able to bring along the 10 people that were interested in it before. But it turns out that we didn't have to worry about it. Yes, they were better than us but it's a pretty casual game and we weren't that bad. :) Apparently, I make way more baskets in the game than I do when I am just shooting. Shu says it's because I don't have time to think about it. Makes sense.
So we played for an hour until I was totally exhausted!!! And SOOOOOO sore. In a good way. I can't wait to do this every week. It will be great excercise and a lot of fun too.
I really have to work on my defense. I'm just not aggresive enough, I think. And one girl got me every time.... she would get the ball, on the right side of the court (facing the basket) and hold her arm out and come around in a circle to the basket and shoot. And try as I might, I was never able to catch her. Now Shu's advice was first of all, she isn't allowed to do that, clearing the way with her arm. And second, if she is going to do that, I should stand in front of her and just not let her move. Well, it sounds easier than it is.
But back to the problem at hand - should I tell her it's not allowed? Or should we assume that because it's a girl's casual game, it is allowed???
I don't know.
Maybe I will wait until I have been there for a few more games and then say something. Or Adina and I were hoping one day to have a refereed game by our husbands and then we can really learn what we are doing wrong.
I will keep you posted.


Olah Chadasha said...

If you're a little shy about it, that's ok. But, in a casual game, the players are the ones that call fouls, so you definitely can bring it up next time she does it. But, first, I would look up the rule just to make sure, so you don't end up getting into a thing. Have fun!

da shevster said...

im excited!!! lol...