Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Birthday Pics

I think I remember once reading in a magazine about how a mom used to take yearly pics of her daughter. But the special thing about these pictures is that she would put her daughter in her wedding dress. And every year - she would take a picture of her daughter as she grew. Obviously, she was swimming in it for the first number of years, then it looked more like a dress-up thing and then it got closer and closer to fitting her. In the end, she took a picture on her wedding day - wearing her mom's dress!!!
That idea stuck with me and now that I have a baby girl, I'm debating whether or not to start this little yearly "ritual".

What do you think? Is it cute - or weird and creepy? :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lift Space Question

For those of you who have sent a lift to Israel or have sent stuff on a lift to Israel - how much did you charge or were you charged per cubic foot?

Just trying to get an idea of the average cost. We were quoted something and it seemed really high.

We want to send a couple boxes on someone's lift......we just need to find that someone!! So I guess that is my other question. Do you know anyone sending a lift? It can basically be almost anywhere in the States. Although I am specifically looking for someone in Detroit, Cleveland, or Chicago for some of the heavier boxes.
Please spread the word.

Thanks for your help!