Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Birthday Pics

I think I remember once reading in a magazine about how a mom used to take yearly pics of her daughter. But the special thing about these pictures is that she would put her daughter in her wedding dress. And every year - she would take a picture of her daughter as she grew. Obviously, she was swimming in it for the first number of years, then it looked more like a dress-up thing and then it got closer and closer to fitting her. In the end, she took a picture on her wedding day - wearing her mom's dress!!!
That idea stuck with me and now that I have a baby girl, I'm debating whether or not to start this little yearly "ritual".

What do you think? Is it cute - or weird and creepy? :)


concernedjewgirl said...

Just take a picture of her blowing her candle out like everyone else does...then make a collage :)

AP said...

i think i agree with l - that is def. a little strange! i cant imagine putting on my mother's wedding dress every year on my birthday growing up! and what if mom/daughter arent the same size? and what are the odds of a daughter actually wearing their mom's wedding dress (to her wedding) - slim to none.