Saturday, February 06, 2010


I'd like to take a moment to be thankful for the good things in my life. Big and Small. Many of which I take for granted, or I don't see them for the blessings that they are.

One of my Facebook statuses last week was something about how I feel that all I do is work, take care of my children, and do laundry. After seeing some other friend's statuses or hearing some not such great news about others, I should have said - Thank G-d, I work, take care of my children, and do laundry.

One friend was just able to take her little daughter out of the hospital. She has health problems and was hospitalized for what they thought was a virus but it was an infection - scary stuff. I don't know many details because my updates were really through Facebook but when it involves little children and hospitals, it's scary.

I just got an e-mail that a girl I grew up with (who is a little younger than me) was recently diagnosed with cancer. I don't know any details - just that people were asked to say Tehillim for her. She is married and has a young daughter.

Another close friend of mine had a baby (as you probably saw on my Facebook) while she was visiting the States and only 27 weeks along in her pregnancy! She and her husband are now in Florida for the next few months dealing with all the issues that come along with having a preemie baby. They spend their days back and forth to the hospital and are overjoyed every chance they have to hold their baby.

I could go on and on. I am sure we all know people, or maybe are those people, going through those tough times in life. Or maybe we have had them in the past. Please G-d, let's hope not to face them in the future.

But this week I hope to have a new outlook. When I start to get stressed about no money in the bank (and why are we not allowed a "minus" like all the other Israelis), I have to remind myself - thank G-d, we can put food on our table. We somehow managed to buy the groceries this week- and even had Shabbas guests! When I am stressed about not paying the bills on time - well, according to a friend - many people are a month late, don't worry about it!! Not that I plan to always live like this. But we take it day by day. Step by step. We have a roof over our heads and food on the table. Those are the essentials.

Thank G-d Almighty, my kids are just battling colds here and there. Kayla may be small but she is VERY healthy and active as anything! Thank G-d for our health.

As I trip over the kid's toys or put in load after load of laundry, I need to say Thank G-d. There are people out there who would do anything to have kid's toys to trip over. And I am lucky enough to have 3 wonderful, healthy, awesome children.
Sammy started potty training this afternoon - and it was actually kind of amusing. He had 2 accidents but then he made it to the potty twice. And not only that, but Jonah and Kayla all trooped in with him when he sat on the potty. After he peed, we all did the potty dance (yes, we had Shabbat guests at the table but this was a big deal). And Sammy kept singing the potty song afterwards. I was SOOOO proud of him. His brother was so proud of him. Kayla was just happy that her brothers were happy. And Sammy was proud of himself! If the worst thing I have to wash this week are some peed on pants and underwear (I'm really hoping for no #2 accidents), life ain't too bad.

I had some friends over tonight and we watched the movie "Motherhood". We are all either mothers or soon-to-be mothers. There were many times in that movie where we all nodded our heads or laughed in agreement. Been there!!! We ate snacks, ordered pizza, and just hung out.
A few of the girls stayed afterwards while we relived and laughed about our HORRIBLE birth experiences! Obviously, the mom-to-be's were gone by then. But if you had told me while I was going through some of the most emotional, painful, amazing experiences of my life, that I would be sitting around, laughing about it with friends - I probably would have slapped you. But that's what we did.
And I am thankful to have had tonight. I'm thankful that I have good friends here that are "on the same page" as me. I'm thankful to be living in Israel - even if it finally did get cold - at the beginning of February. I'm thankful for my awesome husband, who did the HUGE pile of dishes tonight, and hid away in the other room while I had my "playdate" with my friends.

I know I may lose my temper this week, and I know I will be stressed about money this week (week before payday - yikes!) and I know I may not enjoy cleaning up "accidents". But I hope I can remember tonight and the fact that when I really take a look at my life, I have it pretty good. I've got a great hubby, some awesome kids, a steady job, and I'm living in Israel!!!

May everyone who reads this be able to appreciate the good that they have in their lives. And may the ones going through hard times come through them quickly, and stronger than they were before. Refuah Shelaima to all those out there who need it!!

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