Thursday, February 18, 2010

To My Cooking/Baking Friends

Couple questions....

I need a simple pasta salad recipe. Something yummy for Seudah Shlishi.

Since graham cracker crusts are hard to come by in Israel, I need an easy recipe for an equivalent crust. This is for a chocolate mousse type pie.

I have lots of leftover pieces of puff pastry dough (that we use for deli roll). What can I do with them? Preferably something desserty. Like cinnamon rolls or involving chocolate?

Last one, I need a good zucchini kugel/quiche/pashtida recipe. I was never into zucchini but I've tasted some REALLY good ones since we moved here!

Thanks to all my excellent cooking and baking friends!!!


Anonymous said...

I will email you a couple of recipes. Why didn't you ask me too???? I'm your mom!

DonutsMom said...

The biggest problem with getting recipes from the States is a lot of times they don't come out the same here. Some of the ingrediants are really different, plus altitude affects things too.
But send on the recipes! I'll try them out!

Julie. -- said...

That's my version of Zucchini Pashtida. Hope you'll try it.