Sunday, February 07, 2010

Potty Training - Day #2

WARNING: This blog may contain some details that may be shocking in nature. If you have never potty trained a child, you may not want to continue reading. :)

We sent Sammy off to daycare today equipped with about 6 pairs of pants and 6 pairs of underwear.
On the way there (we drop off Jonah first at Gan and then go to Sammy's daycare), Sammy had an accident. So we changed him at Jonah's Gan.

We got to daycare and dropped him off with explanations to Sammy about how to tell them he has to go in Hebrew and with wishes of good luck and success to his teachers.

When I went to go pick him up, Shauli and I took bets on how many changes of clothes he had gone through. Gosh, aren't we supportive parents? I was dreading them handing me a bag full of dirty clothes reeking of pee and poop.

But when I got there, his teacher looked up and said oh, he was great. I said, what do you mean? Sammy ran over to me and he was wearing the same clothes I sent him in!! His teacher said he did not have a single accident but he also did not pee at the potty when they sent him. Basically, he held it in until naptime. When they took off his diaper after naptime, it was FULL of pee and some poop.
Later that afternoon, his teacher walked into the bathroom and saw Sammy sitting on the potty. He had gone in there all by himself, taken off his pants and underwear, sat down, and pooped. LOL!!!
So she cleaned him up, brought him out, and all the kids clapped and said "Kol HaKavod or Congratulations!!!"
No accidents the rest of the afternoon. When I asked Sammy why he didn't pee on the potty, he said there are no dogs on it. We have a potty seat at home with pictures of dogs. Ok......

So that was exciting and I thought to myself on the way home, wow that was easy.
I should have known better.

We got home and asked Sammy if he wanted to sit on the potty, he respectfully declined.
10 minutes later, asI was doing laundry and Shauli was about to leave, Shauli said, "It smells in here, I think one of the kids pooped." I said "Please don't let it be Sammy."
It was Sammy.
Thank G-d for my fantastic husband who stuck around and changed him (as opposed to running out the door, pretending like he didn't smell anything). Don't worry, I didn't make him do it all. I was lucky enough to wash off the poopy underwear while gagging. Ew.

And now he is back in underwear. At least until the next accident.....

Is it wrong to want to send him to daycare in underwear and put him in a diaper when he gets home?
Let me rephrase that. I know it is not wrong to want it but is it wrong to actually do it......?

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