Monday, May 22, 2006

Favorite Words

My current favorite word of Jonah's is the way that he says "Rabbit".

He calls it a "Rabbip".

Friday, May 19, 2006

Priceless Interview

This is classic! The BBC apparently interviewed the wrong man on their news show!! A French cabbie was interviewed instead of a computer expert.

Watch the interview here.

Urgent Tehillim

I saw this on The Sabra blog.


Please take a minute of your time and say a Kapitel Tehillim for CHANA BAS RASHA ZELDA - A Kallah, less than a month before her wedding, who has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Please say Kapital Chof and Kapitel Chof Beis and in the zchus of everyone's Tehillim may she be able to walk down to her Chupah very very soon!! Amen!

Please pass this message on to at least 5 people...or put it on your blog.(do not not ignore this. please. we know her.)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Little Lindsay

I was watching the news last night and I saw a story about a little girl that really touched me.
Her name is Lindsay and she is 2 years old. When she was 5 months old, she was diagnosed with a very rare disease called Progeria. From what I understand, she will age 8 times faster than a regular baby. She already shows signs of aging like balding, very visable veins on her head, stiff joints, and wrinkly, old looking legs.
From the few clips I saw of her on TV, she was a child full of life and happiness. And a BIG Pistons fan!!!! Her parents are trying to just enjoy every moment with her and appreciate everything while they can, because they don't know when it will end.
I don't know how they do it.
I believe they will be showing her story again tonight (May 17th) on Channel 2 at 5pm with Lila Lazareth. You should watch it. It makes you stop and take a second glance at life. And appreciate. We are SO lucky.
She also has a website you should check out. It is
She's a pretty amazing little girl. I wish her luck and happiness and good health.
And a cure.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Show Me St. Louis Wedding

There is a contest going on through one of St. Louis's TV Stations (I guess it is the NBC affiliate?). Their tagline is Show Me St.Louis and they are going to pick one couple and pay for and plan (?) their St. Louis wedding. It is down the 3 couples and one of the people is the kosher butcher's son (Israeli Menashe who works at Simon Kohn's). The son, Yeshai, is engaged to a girl named Tracy from New Orleans. She and her family lost everything in the hurricane.
They have a really good story (you can read it on the website) and deserve to win this contest!!
So please cast your vote at the following website for Yeshai Gibli & Tracy Bronik.
Thank you!!!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006


Ok, so what is the proper etiquette for Bridal Shower and Wedding Presents?
Are you supposed to get two seperate presents? One that you give at the shower and one that you give at the ...... wedding?
Is one supposed to be bigger than the other one?
What about if you aren't really friends with the person. More like aquantances. And you can't quite figure out why you were invited to the shower in the first place. Does this mean you will be invited to the wedding too?
And what happens with the present issue?

Let me know your thoughts on that one - as I head out to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Ooh, one more question. Can I get the same thing as a shower and a wedding present? Like if this person requested 2 sets of Dinnerware (16 piece sets) - can I buy one for the shower and one for the wedding?

As if we have money to just toss around on wedding presents of people we really have nothing to do with.....................................

Thursday, May 04, 2006

An Embarrassing Moment

Well. I finally have one of those "Embarrassing Stories" ....... thanks to the little J man.

We got last minute tickets to a Playoff Pistons game last night which was REALLY exciting. But we already had plans. We were able to rearrange most of them but had no one to watch Jonah. So we brought him with us. We were a little concerned about how he would do but it was an early game (6pm) and we brought a sandwich and snacks for him and figured he would fall asleep on the way home at bedtime. He had really enjoyed the baseball game we went to over Pesach so we figured we would see how he does at the basketball game. Once he got over his initial fear of all the people and noise and once we gave him the thunder sticks - he was happy.

We all enjoyed the game until we thought Jonah needed a diaper change. I told Shu I would take him because I figured there may only be changing stations in the women's restroom and I thought Shu deserved a little break and some time to concentrate on the game.
I picked Jonah up and began to carry him down the stairs. He had his paci in his mouth and as we were going down the stairs I think he got excited and opened his mouth to say something and POP, out fell the paci. I felt like I was watching the whole thing in slow motion as the paci fell and bounced on the stairs and then...................... right into some guy's cup of beer. SPLASH!

In my head, I picured the man picking up his beer and taking a big swig only to find a bright red paci in it!!! So I rushed down the 5-10 stairs it was to get to him, tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Sir, I am so so sorry but my son dropped his pacifier and it ended up in your cup of beer! I am so so so sorry. I can't believe he did that." I was kind of nervously laughing and kept apologizing. The man gave me a strange look and looked over at his beer and then back at me with a REALLY grossed out look. I apologized a few more times and then offered to buy him a new beer. He said he would appreciate that if I have time. I asked him what kind it was and he just said a regular beer. I guess they don't have many options at the game. A beer is a beer.

As I was leaving, I glanced up to see if Shu saw what happened and by his smile, it appeared that he did. Along with the rest of our section!!!!!
As I got to the bottom of the stairs some women who was just coming up made a comment to me about what a great shot that was and Jonah deserves something for that!!

We went to go change his diaper (which apparently needs to be changed in the Family bathroom not just the regular bathroom) and it didn't even turn out to be dirty!!!! We came back to get the beer and it was a whopping $8!!!!!! I tried to tell the lady my "sob story" but she wasn't impressed and was more concerned that Jonah was going to drink the beer. I then had to try and juggle Jonah and his bag and the beer and try to get back up the stairs. We made it into the arena but then there was HUGE cheer and Jonah got completly freaked out and was grabbing onto my legs. I was looking around trying to find Shu to get some help and I started thinking we were in the wrong section. I didn't see Shu and I didn't see the man who wanted the beer and I felt totally lost!! But then I saw Shu coming down the stairs to help me. He took Jonah and I took the beer. The man looked a little surprised to see me (probably because we took so long) but his wife seemed quite amused at the whole story.

So that was that. Hope you all enjoyed and got a laugh out of it. :)