Friday, May 05, 2006


Ok, so what is the proper etiquette for Bridal Shower and Wedding Presents?
Are you supposed to get two seperate presents? One that you give at the shower and one that you give at the ...... wedding?
Is one supposed to be bigger than the other one?
What about if you aren't really friends with the person. More like aquantances. And you can't quite figure out why you were invited to the shower in the first place. Does this mean you will be invited to the wedding too?
And what happens with the present issue?

Let me know your thoughts on that one - as I head out to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Ooh, one more question. Can I get the same thing as a shower and a wedding present? Like if this person requested 2 sets of Dinnerware (16 piece sets) - can I buy one for the shower and one for the wedding?

As if we have money to just toss around on wedding presents of people we really have nothing to do with.....................................


Mrs. AP said...

that's tough...since you dont even really see yourselves as friends with these people. but (i think) etiquette def. says one present for the shower - smaller is okay - and one (bigger) present for the wedding. if you're invited to the shower you'll definitely be invited to the wedding. and i wouldn't buy two of the same thing for both. go for one smaller item for the shower and something a little nicer for the wedding. just my 2 cents.

O's fan said...

Maybe these people are hoping that they'll be friends with you after they get married and live here.