Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Animal Magic

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Mark Rosenthal, the guy who we met at the Novi Family Pet Expo who gave me my Fear Factor Experience. I feel he deserves a real Shout Out!!!
His website is:
I had seen him before at the Pizza People's Birthday Party and he did an AMAZING show with all kinds of dangerous and exotic animals. Jonah was talking about the Alligator he brought for weeks afterwards.
So, if you are looking for a cool birthday party idea, you should check this guy out.
And even if you are not, check out when he will be doing public shows because he is absolutly fascinating!!!!!
Don't worry, he won't make you hold a tarantula....hehehe. Not unless you want to.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm Craaaaaazy!!

Jonah and I went to the Novi Family Pet Expo with Mrs. and Mini AP today. We figured that we would see puppies and kittens and all kinds of cute furry things. And while we did see some of those, we also saw some not so cuddly animals too. :)
And I took my first Fear Factor Challenge......

What's hiding underneath those hands??
That big smile on my face is really a look of TERRORRRRRRR!!!

Yes, that really is a LIVE and LARGE tarantula!!!
Am I craaaazy or what?
Wow, was my adrenaline pumping during that! My heart was pounding, my hands were shaking. It was quite a rush!
I knew I still had some "WackyNat" in me!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

ET Phone Home

The title doesn't mean anything aside from the fact that it has the word phone in it.

I just want to share another customer service story with everyone. Nope, it wasn't at my store. This time I was the customer! And am VERY satisfied. I must recommend STAPLES to everyone. Their customer service is really exceptional. Anytime I have had an issue, they always clear it up with no problem. But this time, they really impressed me.
I only went in to the store thinking they would be able to help me out but I thought it would be a real hassle. Ok, here's the story.

We bought a phone there awhile ago and we have been having problems with it for about the past 6 months. The phone was an AT&T cordless with 2 extra handsets. The kind that you just plug in one phone to the phone jack and the other 2 handsets just need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. I bought it because we use Vonage and I don't know how else to use other phones with it. So the problem we were having was with all 3 of the keypad buttons. You had to press them REALLY hard to enter the number and sometimes, it would enter the number twice. I can't tell you how frustrating it could be to dial a phone number. It would take 3-4 times!! Or like when you are calling an automated system and it asks for your LOOONG account number, you get halfway through and boom, double 2's when you only want one!
So it was quite annoying but we didn't do anything about it. We just dealt with it. It has been really bad lately so I started looking at new phone to buy. I had no idea when we bought this one but I didn't think it was SOOO long ago.
Today I decided to try and fix it. I found the manuel and read that, nothing there. I went on the AT&T website and tried to find an answer, nothing there. Then I figured before I call AT&T or Staples, I should figure out when I bought it. So I went on a search and found not only my receipt - from October 13, 2004 (!!) but also an extra warranty protection that I bought from Staples to cover for a year past the manufacturers warranty. So I called the Staples Warranty Number and they said that the manufacturers warranty covers one year and their warranty covers one more year. So basically it ran out 3 weeks ago! And no, they couldn't extend it or do anything for me. I could have kicked myself!
Well, I decided to go into Staples and see if they would be able to help me out anymore because the people on the phone were just a third party place. I knew Staples was generally helpful and I really hoped they could do something because it was only 3 weeks past the deadline........
Also, I didn't want my money back. I just wanted to fix my phone or get store credit for a new one or something.
So I held my breath and there I went. I expected they may do it for me but only after I argued for it.
Well, I walked in and 3 people offered to help me. Two were behind the counter and another man who looked more like a manager. So I just explained that I bought this phone - apparently 2 years ago and I bought the extended service plan and I had been having trouble with it for about 6 months and I really just wanted to fix it or get a new phone or something. But my warranty had ran out 3 weeks ago!! Is there anyway they could help me?
The manager said they would go ahead and take care of me. They can return the phone for what I paid for it and switch me up to a newer model and get me taken care of with a new service plan and that way, I won't have lost any money on it. He was SO nice and understanding about it! It was really great.
Then he sent me off with the sales guy to pick out a phone and we picked out a fancy new Uniden phone with 3 extra handsets and all kinds of extra features. The main thing I wanted was the extra handsets and a speaker phone but this one came with a whole lot more. So that was exciting.
We went back to the front. He returned my phone for the price I paid (even though now it was worth only $12.50) and bought the new one - which was the same price as the one I originally paid for and charged me $10 for the warranty plan. It covers everything and anything - even if I drop and break the phone or something like that. And I can just bring it in for a replacement.
Well, this time I will make sure to bring it in right away if it does break - that's for sure.
But I just felt like I should share this story with everyone and compliment Staples on their EXCELLENT customer service!!!!
I'll keep you posted on how the phone is working out. It has to charge for 15-20 hours before we can use it!