Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm Craaaaaazy!!

Jonah and I went to the Novi Family Pet Expo with Mrs. and Mini AP today. We figured that we would see puppies and kittens and all kinds of cute furry things. And while we did see some of those, we also saw some not so cuddly animals too. :)
And I took my first Fear Factor Challenge......

What's hiding underneath those hands??
That big smile on my face is really a look of TERRORRRRRRR!!!

Yes, that really is a LIVE and LARGE tarantula!!!
Am I craaaazy or what?
Wow, was my adrenaline pumping during that! My heart was pounding, my hands were shaking. It was quite a rush!
I knew I still had some "WackyNat" in me!


chocolate said...

nat ur awesome, i love you, ps u look great.

2R said...

that's so way gross!

Veev said...

You do look great! What did you do?

DonutsMom said...

Thanks gals! Must be the hair. :)

da shevster said...

u wanna come 2 silver spring and get rid of my spiders 4 me?

ill watch jonah 4 free!!

oh wait, i do that anyways...

lol love u!!