Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Show Me St. Louis Wedding

There is a contest going on through one of St. Louis's TV Stations (I guess it is the NBC affiliate?). Their tagline is Show Me St.Louis and they are going to pick one couple and pay for and plan (?) their St. Louis wedding. It is down the 3 couples and one of the people is the kosher butcher's son (Israeli Menashe who works at Simon Kohn's). The son, Yeshai, is engaged to a girl named Tracy from New Orleans. She and her family lost everything in the hurricane.
They have a really good story (you can read it on the website) and deserve to win this contest!!
So please cast your vote at the following website for Yeshai Gibli & Tracy Bronik.
Thank you!!!!!


Mrs. AP said...

i went to site and tried to vote for them, but i didnt see any button to click to vote...?

Just Shu said...

i think the voting is over. I had the same problem