Thursday, April 27, 2006

Better Pic For You (and me)

I am tired of going to my blog and seeing the same old picture of our "Dog that got away..." But then I start thinking of things I want to blog about and I feel like I should do something more productive. Like working on my medical billing job or doing laundry or cleaning stuff or all the other things that come along with LIFE and being a wife and mom.
So.... this is the end of my post for today because I really just wanted to post a better picture to look at than that cute dog which is still up for adoption (Awwwwwww).
So here is a GREAT one of my Little Guy. Enjoy and don't give up on me yet. I WILL post again someday.........
Hey, does anyone have a good/easy recipe for spagetti and meatballs or meat sauce?
There, that's something to comment on if the picture wasn't enough. :)
Have a good one!!!!!

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Seth said...

There is a great recipe in Kosher by Design for pasta sauce with meatballs, which we have adapted to just a meat sauce (not worth going through the hassle of making the balls - just brown the meat, drain it, and toss it in).

The recipe calls for red pepper flakes (those hot flakes you usually put on pizza if you're so inclined), which gives it a BIG kick, so you can leave those out or put in half of what it says or something if you don't want it that spicy.

Other adaptations we enjoy:

1) Add some fresh chopped carrots and broccoli (frozen works well if you're tight on time). Makes it healthier and eliminates the need for a salad on the side. Shauli might like having his salad without taking a break from his meat - I know I do.

2) Use a can of diced tomatoes instead of whole tomatoes. There are two reasons for this. One, why waste time chopping and cleaning up the inevitable mess from your counter when the canned tomatoes pop and squirt all over the place, when you can just pour? Two, when you chop tomatoes into large chunks as it says to, the pieces tend to be very hot and don't cool as quickly as the rest of the sauce, and you're liable to burn your tongue, turn blue blowing on your 18th bite, or be stuck waiting until the sauce is mostly cold (trust me on this).

3) The more frying pans you use (one for browning the meat, one for sauteeing the garlic and onion), the easier it is to clean up, believe it or not. When you brown the meat you have to put it somewhere if you're going to then sautee the garlic and onion in the same frying pan, which will require some sort of container that will need to be cleaned. Then the oil will get overheated and burn about a minute and a half to two minutes before the galic and onion are done sauteeing. This means you will have to scrub the pan when you are done, as well as the counter b/c of splatter, and possibly have to turn off your smoke detector to get it to shut up (again, trust me on this one).