Friday, March 10, 2006

Death's Eyes

I wrote this about 3 weeks after my dad passed away. Same time as the last poem I posted. I was on a plane going somewhere when I wrote these. Maybe to New York? Possibly back to Pittsburgh?
Looking back at it, it's pretty morbid.

Death's Eyes
March 16, 1997

I look out into the darkness
And what do I see
But a pair of dark blue eyes
Looking back at me.
Who are you? I cry.
And why are you here?
What do you want?
Do I have cause to fear?
I am your worst nightmare
I have come to take you away
Come quickly now
For I cannot stay.
You claim you are my worst nightmare
Yet I am not scared
You've come to take me away
I have no belongings but am prepared.
Is your name Death?
Is that who you are?
If I have guessed the truth
Then please take me and take me far
For then I will find my father
The hole in my heart he can fill
And we will have found happiness
Yes I know that we will.

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