Friday, March 03, 2006

I Once Was A Daddy's Girl

I wrote this poem about 3 weeks after my dad passed away.

I Once Was A Daddy's Girl
March 16, 1997

Daddy's Girl
Yes, that was me
Daddy's Girl
Didn't you see?

Now he is gone
And I am all alone
I feel so lost
I have no home.

How will I get through
When he is not here?
Living on my own
Is what I fear.

How could this happen?
How could he die?
Why did he leave me?
Why, oh why?

I once was a Daddy's Girl
Did you look? Did you see?
Once it was me and daddy.
Now it's just me.


Mrs. AP said...

I've been reading what you've been writing about your dad...I think you're brave for putting all these memories and thoughts and feelings from your heart out there for the world to see. This poem is really beautiful. Keep sharing when you feel like it. Even if no one comments, we're reading it and feeling it.
Love ya,

DonutsMom said...

Thanks Adina. It's good to know.