Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Savings Bond

I just found a US Savings Bond from 1991. What am I supposed to do with it?
I assume I am supposed to take it to the bank but is there any chance I will get any extra money from it because it's so old?


Veev said...

Depends on the bond. If you want to know about your particuar one you could download the savings bond wizard. Look in a search engine under savings bond wizard and click on the one with a .gov on the end.

2R said...

i'd ask mom... she knows this stuff

Yishai said...

probably yes. Most savings bonds are interest based, so the longer you hold them, the longer they accrue interest, even after the 'maturity date'. If the bond has matured, you can take it to the bank (one that you have an account at) and they will cash it for you.

P.S., you'll have to declare it as income and pay taxes on the bond.

docyaak said...

i cashed in a bond a few years after it was due and i got about $60 extra.

DonutsMom said...

Wow Yaak, I don't know how you got $60 extra dollars!!!
I only got an extra $7 and some change.