Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Life oh life oh liiiiiiife

Sometimes I feel like I need an instruction manual for life. Maybe The Idiot's Guide to Life.

I'm not talking about the emotional ups and downs. I've dealt with some hard stuff. And there are books to help. And shoulders to lean on. People that stuck by my side no matter how cooky and emotional I got at times. And besides, everybody deals with that type of stuff differently.

I'm not talking about the spiritual stuff. We've got the Good Book. And plenty of books on the Good Book. And rabbi's and teachers and other various spiritual leaders to help with that stuff.

I'm just talking about the practical things. The stuff you don't neccesarily learn in school. Or forget it because school was so long ago. Certainly for those of that didn't go to college. And I don't think they teach these courses in college.

I'm talking about the stuff that Grown-ups know. :)
I don't feel like a Grown-Up. But I've got a husband, 2 kids, and a house. That seems like a grown-up thing.
But there is SO much I don't know.
Aside from parenting of course!!! I learn new things about that every day!!!

I'm talking about Owning a House. I'm talking about Owning a Car. I have learned that I don't have a clue about those things. I didn't know anything when we bought the house and now that we are selling, I am learning about all the things involved and what people look at when they buy a house. I don't know about painting and sealing windows and replacing screens. I didn't know about changing air filters and turning on humidifers. I didn't know about oil changes and new windshields.
And I haven't even touched on the subject of Finances!!!!!!

How do people learn these things? Where do they pick them up from? Their parents? Do-It-Yourself books? Trial and Error?
Why do I feel so uneducated????

It's overwhelming at times...........


Veev said...

Call me if you need me. I don't have any answers. I'll just listen...

Carla said...

Books. Articles. Friends. A book we love for finances and whatnot, is The Money Book for the Young Fabulous and Broke by Suze Orman. It is really really really really helpful. Happy Learning!

Posy said...

Good words.