Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sleep....or lack thereof

Last night, we were up from 1:45am - 4:30am.
Two nights ago, we were up countless times. Honestly. Can't even count them.

Nope, I'm not pregnant. Nope, we aren't the parents of a newborn. And nope, it wasn't 10 month old Sammy waking us up.

It was 3 1/2 year old Jonah. I do NOT know what to do with him!!!!! He has never been a good sleeper. But it hasn't been this bad in a looooong time. This is out of control.
Bedtime is a ridiculously long process as it is. Shu and I both read books to him and then he stalls and stalls and wants this and that. And tells us he's not sleepy or tired. And the newest one is that he doesn't want to go to sleep because he is going to have bad dreams. Nothing we say can convince him otherwise.
Eventually, he gets to sleep and we have peace and quiet for a few hours. The fun begins around 1am or so.
Jonah wakes up crying for Mommy and/or Daddy. He tells us he had a bad dream. He dreamt about bad guys. He wants to come in our room and sleep in our bed. When we say no to that, he wants someone in the room with him. Apparently, Sammy isn't good enough. He wants a grownup in the room with him. But last night no matter what we did, he wouldn't fall back asleep. And if he did fall asleep, he would wake up as soon as we got up to leave the room or within 5 minutes of that. It was ridiculous!!!!
And I don't know what to do............

No matter what we do, it doesn't seem to work. Except for him sleeping in our room. But that's where we got into trouble in the first place. He's too smart for the usual tricks. Or some things will appear to work during the day - like discussions and bribes... I mean incentives. But at night, he just doesn't care. He's scared and that's it.
Sammy, thank G-d is a great sleeper. He goes to sleep at night after crying for a little bit (sometimes) and he sleeps through the night. Unless Jonah wakes him up. And then I get really mad.
We need help!!!!!!!
PLEASE if you have any suggestions or have been through this - let us know!!!!!!

I just want a little peace and quiet at night...........


Malkie said...

Nice nightlight (let him choose it)
No more movies other than Jewish ones. (Too many bad guys)
Sleepytime or Nighty Night tea.
Massage or foot rub in his bed with calming oil.
The book Bedtime....teach him that Hashem is always with him. We have nothing to fear.
Get him to "draw" his feelings on paper with crayons and then have him explain them to you. He could have a fear that he can't explain.
Give him something of yours to hold in his bed, so he feels like you are with him.
Put a picture of you next to his bed so he sees you "with him".
He's toilet trained right? When he wakes up take him to the toilet first, he may have a feeling and not recognize it. (this happened to us, its the disoriented night thing)

Those are some ideas off the top of my head...

WannaBeChossid said...

Here is a link to a book that saved our lives.
In case it the link is not working its called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth.
If you are very desprate Dr. Weissbluth takes appoitments (but he's expensive)
Does Jonah nap in the during hte day? If yes you may have to cut it out to get him to bed earlier. You need to set a precedent that its bed time no matter what. If he keeps delaying, physically take him by the hand and take him to bed. When he sees there is no other option (after a few days) it will set in that he has to follow what you are asking him to do. Unfortunately I think the biggest problem you have is that Jonah doesnt consider you an authority (I realize this is harsh) (its a blog I'm not sure how to put it nicer)
I am not for raising soldiers and there are a few books I read that are against punishment:1) Punished by Rewards and 2) How to Talk to Children so they Listen and How to listen so They Talk, but at the same time your child has to know you will follow throuhg and get him to do what you are asking him to do. For example "go to bed", "clean up toys". If you let him have a "ridiculously long process" for bed time he will advantage of it. You need to have structured time for everything, such as 10 min for reading a story,
etc. I hope this helps. Please give me feedback (its my first real responce as a blogger)
Good Luck