Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Touring Israel

2 blogs in one day??? What??? This is unheard of!!
Don't get too used to it.....

I'm helping my friend plan her trip (with her husband) to Israel (I wish I were a tour guide!) and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions of a tour guide for random places like Tsfat, Har Arbel, and Masada. How much do they generally charge?

And what are your suggestions of Must See places?

She really wants to go on the Tunnel Tours and the Water Tunnel Tours (do you know what that is) but is having trouble finding out how to schedule them or who to talk to.

Also, if they were to stay in Jerusalem for Shabbas but don't know anyone - where should they stay? Are there any good youth hostels? Do the Machlis Family still have open meals?

Does anyone have a suggestions of a good tour guide book or website?

That's all for now. More to come!
Thanks for your help - in advance.

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