Friday, October 08, 2010

Making a Difference

So, I somehow managed to join the first grade Vaad Horim (Parent's Committee) with 3-4 other Israeli moms. We had one meeting so far and I understood the main points just not a lot of the bantering that goes on. It was a little hard because socially, I wasn't able to just relax and chat. But it worked out. And I think I laughed at all the appropriate parts I was supposed to and said oh no, when I was supposed to. :)

While I am not entirely sure what the official job of the Vaad Horim is and what our responsibilities, I know that we can turn it into whatever we want as long as we have a cooperative teacher (we'll find that out once we have a meeting with her....)
So we discussed making the classroom a little more cozy and bringing in some games for the kids to do at recess, we talked about the overload of homework on our first graders, and the policy of being "approved" to make a birthday cake for class as opposed to having a strict policy of bringing store bought cakes. Then I brought up an idea and the other moms loved it! (Yes, I am proud of myself and was happy to be a contributing part of this committee).

I want to bring more chesed into my child's life, into his class, and perhaps into the school and community in general. One step at a time though. One of the moms had previously suggested bringing in treats for Rosh Chodesh. And while anyone who knows me knows that I am not the healthiest person - I feel that kids are bombarded with treats and junk food!!! Enough with the treats!! Stop looking for excuses to bring more junk into our kids lives!!!
So I said maybe once a month (around Rosh Chodesh for example), we can do a Chesed event. I suggested maybe one time helping pack the boxes that go out to the needy families here in Ariel. One time sending cards/pictures to children in hospitals or to soldiers. Maybe one time doing something with or for the old folks home here. Etc, etc.

So basically the point of this long post is to ask for YOUR ideas for Chesed projects that first graders can do in their classroom/school. To take them out of school is apparently way more complicated. I'd love to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yaffa/Yitz said...

I think depending on the month, you can do different things that relate to that, for Cheshvan, since it's Mar Cheshvan, maybe you can arrange a one-time visit to a nursing home for the kids to sing some cheerful songs, for Kislev maybe run a toy drive for underprivileged kids...maybe the teacher can come up with an incentives program whereby kids can earn points and then "buy" a toy for a child with their points right before Chanukah. Shevat - plant little flowers to send to people in hospitals/nursing homes. Adar - collect used (good condition) costumes for a trading costume gemach. By the way, sometimes if you can explain to store-owners why you'd like the supplies, they are willing to sell them at a discount to join the chesed cause. And if that happens, you can tell the kids what the store-owners did for the sake of chesed.