Sunday, November 13, 2005

Quagmire......The Dog

Should we get a dog?
A 4 year old Chocolate Laborador to be exact?
What are your opinions? Ups and downs? Ins and outs?
Keep you posted.......................


Olah Chadasha said...

The only question would be whether he gets along with Jonah. Being married to a family who's had dogs since their kids were little, they've always said that it's always better to have a dog grow up with the kids. Meaning, to get them when they're puppies. That way, they develop a kinship and guardianship with the kids. If not, they may view the kids as adversaries or be jealous of the attention they take away from them. So, I would really watch out for that. You know, ask the owners how the dog acts around kids, has it ever even been around kids, etc. Also, maybe bring Jonah along to see how he reacts to that specific dog and vise versa. Let the dog catch Jonah's scent, and see how he feels. That's just my thoughts anyway. Good luck.

da shevster said...

yes. ill visit u more often if u have 2 pets. jonah and quagmire.

jmpjules99 said...

has the dog grown in a home with children?
let him visit for a day with jonah to see how it goes.
Plus: he's 4 and prolly housebroken.
Negative: the dog can't grow up with Jonah.

O's fan said...

Go for it, you have a discount for your vet bills!

mom said...

one problem, you can't change the name of a 4 year old dog.
Sorry Shauli