Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Shana Tova!

Well, it's been awhile since I have blogged. Whoops.
Not sure if it is because I just don't have a lot to say or I have just been too busy. I think it's choice B. At least I hope I haven't run out of things to say. :)
Just been somewhat overwhelmed with too many hours working at Kohl's, trying to fit in as many hours doing medical billing as I can, and trying to take care of my family and house and actually spend a little time with them every once in awhile. So, just busy busy. I like to think things will slow down after the Chagim are over. We'll see.
Even though things are quite busy, I would have to say all is well. Jonah is a regular toddler now. He walks all over the place and rarely crawls anymore. It's crazy how quickly that happened. Within a week and a half he went from taking a couple steps here and there to walking across entire rooms. WOW! I LOVE it!!!! A lot of people say uh oh watch out for then they start walking! Now you're in real trouble. Well, I am sure that mischief will come but for now I love the independance that he is.
And oh boy, is he independant!! He is getting quite the personality and lets you know when he wants something or does NOT want it. I do look forward to when he uses more words though. That will be nice. He says a few words now, his favorite still being BALL. Anytime he sees a ball, a picture of a ball, or even just a circle, he gets very excited and starts yelling BALL BALL. Cute.
My brother in law and sister in law were in town from Israel which was GREAT. We got to spend a fair amount of time with them but I wish we could have spent more. Oh well. Next time? They helped out with Jonah a lot so that was REALLY cool.
We are heading to St. Louis for the Shabbas and second days of Sukkot and I am very excited about that. We're hoping to stay in U. City for Shabbas and Chesterfield for Simchat Torah. Just like old times!! Uh....except I am married with a baby but you know...............
Well, that's all for now.
Shu is off playing basketball so I am going to try to get some work done and then maybe head to bed early. I have a KILLER headache. Blah.
Have a SHANA TOVA and an EASY FAST and I hope you all forgive me for anything I may have done or said to you or about you that may have hurt you in any way.
If you don't, call me so we can work it out. :)


jmpjules99 said...

LOL I just posted on Shu's blog..where's Nat been!!


Do you want to go to the apple orchard this weekend?

jmpjules99 said...

where are youuuuuuu?????

I sitll need to get a CF bracelet from you!