Monday, December 05, 2005


I ended up going to Brenda's Memorial Service on Friday. I went with two other girls from work. It took two hours to get there which wasn't too bad. The worst part of the drive was the traffic getting out of Detroit. We got there at 10 and kind of stood around for about an hour until the service started. There was a collage of pictures of her and we talked with Mike and met his Dad, uncle, and grandparents. It was pretty awkward but I am very glad that we went because there weren't a lot of people there and certainly not a lot of people for Mike. It seemed to mean a lot to him that we were there.
The service was pretty short. A eulogy and then Mike said some words about her. There was a video montage with pictures of her throughout her life. At the end there was a Latin quote that meant "I Regret Nothing". It was a tattoo she had on her ankle. At the end of the montage, it hit me. That was it. The end of her life. All those pictures leading up to this. The end of a life at 27 years old. Wow.
That was the end of the service and the family was supposed to walk out first. Brenda's brother and his wife, stood up together and walked out. And then Mike stood up. He kinda looked around, looked back at the picture of her and basically looked a little lost. And alone.
And then he walked out. By himself.
That brought me to real tears. No one got up after that. So the 4 of us (co-workers) stood up and walked out. We went over to Mike and he was the one trying to comfort us. Saying we shouldn't cry because our mascara would run.
Trying to look out for us after he just lost his wife.....
And that was that.

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Krunk said...

wow...this one actually gave me the chills...