Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Our Purim Theme

The job of being parents
is never quite done,
We started off quiet
with our number one son.

We decided this year
on a new little addition,
Ignoring the expenses
of diapers and tuition!

Please enjoy some "tools"
to celebrate our renovation,
We're so happy to share
our news and jubilation.

We promise we'll share pictures
when the "labor" is all done.
Purim Sameyach from
Shauli, Natalie, Jonah Z.,
and soon-to-be plus one!

And these were our Mishloach Manot.......

Thanks so much to my mom for help with the general theme idea and to Sho for the poem!!!!


Yishai said...

Thanks for not putting up a picture of our costume.

Anonymous said...

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