Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I won! I won!

I vaguely remember getting a credit card statement last year and one of the little ads that they included was for an Instant Win game online. For some reason, I decided to enter and I ended up winning! Or so it claimed. Something about I won a few tickets to a Soundstage concert - one to keep and one to give away. And a $500 gift card. One to keep and one to give away. The promotion was called "A Season of Giving" for the Holiday Season.

So that was exciting. But of course, I was wary of it. Did I REALLY win? I filled out some paperwork and then didn't hear from them again for about 6 months. Out of the blue I get an e-mail regarding the SoundStage tickets and how to claim them. I also get an e-mail about having to choose someone to give the 2nd $500 gift card. So I write them back and ask if I could give it to my spouse. Turns out - I can!! Woohoo!!

So I had some more paperwork to fill out and then they said I would get my gift cards. Another few months went by and then we moved to Israel.
Then I get an e-mail saying the gift cards had been Fed-Ex'd.

Long story short (ok, so it was still long) the gift cards finally made their way to us in Israel. We now have 2 $500 gift cards that must be redeemed by March 2009.

What should we buy??????

Should we be boring and responsible and just use them for groceries, heaters, household items? Should we get something more fun and rent a car for another few weeks - maybe over Chanukah? Should we save them and get something for the baby?

Or should we get something just plain FUN! And if so - what?????
All thoughts and opinions are appreciated!!


concernedjewgirl said...

Why not do a little of everything...well maybe not the renting of a car. Why not spend some money on something you need. Then spend some on something you want. The rest you could use as Channukah presents, as not to spend your own money. $1000 is a lot of money man! Since you guys are new immigrants you need all the money!

AP said...

how cool!!! yay for you guys!! but i cant believe you chose shauli over me. :)

so i say leave the kids with your in-laws and go spend a few days in paris or london or rome or prague or barcelona or........anywhere! a thousand bucks ought to buy you a couple plane tix and a night or two in a little hotel somewhere, just the two of you!!!

Olah Chadasha said...

Yeah, why not just divide them? Use one for serious stuff and one for fun stuff. That way you get the best of both worlds.

DonutsMom said...

AP - While I did love your idea, being 8 months pregnant was not so conducive to traveling.

One of the cards we used to buy a dryer!!! WOOHOOO!! We figured this is something we really could use (especially with the cold, rainy season here, and a new baby coming - not to mention we were tired of our towels feeling like cardboard). And it's also a "luxury". It wasn't cheap - but definitely worth it!!!
We used the other card to rent a car for the week of Chanukah. It just made life so much more convenient and we went SO many places.
And now we still have money left so we have to decide what to buy. But we have until March so we can wait a bit.