Friday, January 02, 2009

I Believe

The rocket range has now been extended to 60km. No rockets have hit that far yet but Israeli intelligence believe they are able to. That adds in a whole bunch more cities - a whole lot more family and friends are now possibly in range. The war is coming closer.

But we sort of joke with our friends about it. And say that now we are the ones on the "safe" side of the Green Line. So many people did and still do ask us "Isn't it dangerous where you live? You live over the Green Line!! You have Arab towns all around you. Aren't you nervous?" Some people don't want to come visit us because of how "far in" it looks on the map. When really, we are only about 10-15 minutes from the Green Line.

Personally, I feel we are in one of the safest parts of the country right now. We're Bli Iyin Hora, out of rocket range. Even if we were in rocket range, we are surrounded by Arabs and since they don't aim those rockets well, I imagine they may not want to risk taking out their own people. Although Hamas doesn't seem to be too bothered by using children as human shields, not sure if they would really be bothered by killing a few of their own.

We live in a city that has a security fence around it and has a security gate to get in. There are soldiers 24 hours a day watching who drives into our city. History has shown, Bli Iyin Hora again, that we haven't had many security problems or problems with our Arab neighbors.
And since we don't have a car, we won't be driving down the 60 or going anywhere where we feel at risk. We even did the responsible thing last week and did NOT drive down the 60 or go to the Old City of Jerusalem the day after the bombing in Gaza started. We're watching out. We're being as careful as one can be here.

People have always asked when told about my time spent in Israel or told about my plans to move there - aren't you scared? Isn't it dangerous? Again, when we moved to the Shomron, we were asked, aren't you crazy? Why would you move there? Is it safe?

Bottom line - and I believe this about everything in my life. It has been proven again and again. G-d is in charge. G-d ultimately decides what will happen. Granted, I wouldn't go dancing in the streets of Ramallah. But we moved here because we believed it was the right choice. We felt that it was the best place for our family , for our children. And we know that we are doing the right thing. As hard as it is at times. As much as we miss our dear friends and family that we left behind. We are confident in our decision and have moved a step up in our lives. We made Aliyah.

I have faith that Hashem will keep us safe. I pray that He keeps us safe. That He keeps our friends and family safe. I know that He is the mastermind of it all. He has a Plan. Yes, I sometimes question that plan. And I have a list that of things I will ask about after 120 years. :)
But ultimately He is in charge. He is in charge of where the rockets land and of where car accidents happen. My brother in law mentioned that there are probably more car accidents with injuries on Highway 2 than there will be people injured by rocks thrown on the 60. We didn't stop driving (when we had our Chanukah Car). Just like people are way more likely to be killed in a car crash anywhere than in an airplane crash. Yet so many people are way more afraid to fly than they are to drive.

G-d's in charge. We have to remember that and we have to believe in Him. Sometimes it's as simple as that.

May we have a quiet, peaceful Shabbat and Hashem should continue to watch over us all.


AP said...

amen. libeinu u'tefilateinu b'mizrach. love you guys. be safe.

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AP said...

what's with all the deleted comments?

DonutsMom said...

Just spams. So I deleted them.

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Rena said...

I wasn't aware that the range was extended to 60km. Where did you find that?

DonutsMom said...

On The Muqata blog (

I believe it was Jan 1, 2009. It said:
2:04 PM IDF Homefront Command starts to distribute emergency directions for Rocket Tel Aviv. (source, see below for scanned copy)

With Hamas Rocket ranges now reaching 60 kilometers (as reported here at the Muqata, from Israel Radio), the IDF Homefront command has started preparing for the eventuality that Hamas rockets will reach the Tel Aviv area. Also included is the Beit Shemesh area, Modi'in, Ramla, Lod, Bnei Brak, Rechovot, Holon, Givaatayim, Petach Tikva...

And later:
5:00 PM Map of Rocket Range - 60Km.
The following list is far from exhaustive and contains a list of cities...and well known places
that are now within the 60 kilometer range of Gazan rockets.

Alon Shvut
Bat Yam
Beer Sheva
Beit Shemesh
Ben Gurion Airport
Nof Ayalon
Ramat Beit Shemesh
Rishon LTzion
Tel Aviv
Yad Binyamin

DonutsMom said...

In addition to this, it was my understanding (Shauli saw/read this somewhere) was that a rocket landed in Beer Sheva and apparently it had the "potential" to go up to 60 km but it didn't.

DonutsMom said...

This one talks about longer range (70 km) rockets.
9:41 AM Benjamin Netanyahu met with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and told him that Egypt is not doing enough to prevent weapon smuggling from Egypt into Gaza through Rafiach and the Philidelphi corridor tunnels. As reported on the Muqata yesterday, Israeli intellgence is concerned that Fajr-4 long range (70 kilomter) rockets have been smuggled in, which can hit Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.

This was the previous post from the day before:
9:57 PM Israeli Intelligence sources say that Hamas succeeded in bringing in Fajr-4 missiles into Gaza. These missiles have a 70 km range and can reach Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Hamas is trying to get these missiles into Northern Gaza right now. (Rotter)