Thursday, January 01, 2009

War Dreams

Well, I had my first War Dream in Israel.
As far as war dreams go, this was tame. There must be a part of my subconscious that is scared. Scared for the people who are already affected by this war. Scared because, as I wrote in my last post, these rockets are hitting places which I always considered safe. Especially for the year that I lived there!! Beer Sheva and Ashdod. We were always "safe" in those cities. During the 2001 Intifada.
I talked to my Mom for a loooong time last night. And reassured her that we are safe. Ariel is far away from rockets. And there are probably too many Arabs around us for them to want to launch rockets at us anyway. :) We're the ones who feel like we are on the "safe" side of the Green Line now. People that are leaving Sderot are coming to Ariel.
I've been doing some reading of people's blogs and watching videos of what happens when a "Code Red" siren is sounded. I read on the Homefront Security webpage about how close people have to be to a shelter in case a siren sounds.

Residents of towns adjacent to the frontier, including the city of Sderot, are instructed to remain continually indoors, within immediate reach of protected spaces.
Residents of towns located within the 10 km. radius are instructed to remain in places that allow access to protected spaces within 15 seconds.
Residents of towns located within 10 to 20 km. radius, including Ashkelon, Netivot and the surrounding areas, are instructed to take cover in protected spaces within 30 seconds of hearing an alert siren or a blast.
Residents of towns located within 20 to 30 km. radius, including Ashdod, Kiryat-Gat, Kiryat-Malachi, Ofakim, Rahat and the surrounding areas, are instructed to take cover in protected spaces within 45 seconds.
Residents of towns located within 30 to 40 km. radius, including Beer-Sheba, Yavneh and Gadera, are instructed to take cover in protected spaces within 60 seconds of hearing an alert siren or a blast.

Schools and kindergartens are closed in these towns, except those operated inside bomb shelters. Public gatherings are generally prohibited. Only shopping centers located in hardened structures are opened. People should refrain from loitering outdoors and try to stay indoors and within reach of protected spaces, as much as possible.

Once again, for my family and friends outside of Israel that may not be aware. These are all instructions to people in the South. People in cities that are currently being hit by rockets or within rocket range. The threat is very very real. People have to continue day to day living but what a weight they have on their shoulders.
I reassured my Mom that we do have a sealed room in our apartment and the nearest public bomb shelter is literally across and down the street from us. I would say within a 15 second range. But please G-d, we should never ever ever see the inside of it. Maybe that's what sparked the dream. The thought of hearing a siren and having to get the kids down the stairs and run down the street to the bomb shelter with them. Getting inside and waiting until the rocket hits. It totally freaks me out. And people ARE living like this right now. The people of Sderot have been living like this for 8 years!!!!!! There are kids whose entire lives have been spent running from rockets.
Where was the outcry then? Where was the world sympathy then?? Are people only sympathetic to the residents of Gaza?? Many of which are Hamas terrorists???
Ok, I'm not going to go down that road right now.
Not sure the point of this post. Maybe just to get my thoughts out. I was surprised I had a war dream. Didn't realize that I actually was scared. For the safety of my family, my unborn child, myself. And feeling so helpless for the people down south that are living what I fear.
We have offered to a couple of the people that we know down there to feel free to come to us. Spend a Shabbat with us. If they just want to get away, we are happy to have them. But for the most part, they are staying put. They believe that is where they belong. That is where there homes are. They aren't going to run. They aren't going to let the terrorists win. I'm proud of them. I'm impressed by them. And I pray for them.

Pray for them. Pray for the soldiers - who are kids. 18 year old kids doing their jobs. Protecting their country - our country. Putting their lives on the line. Everyday.

May we merit Moshiach coming soon, and peace for everyone!! May we have a quiet and peaceful 2009. Only simchas and brachot for us all!!


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