Monday, October 26, 2009

Censorship AKA Magazine Pics Part 2

I originally wrote this Note as a Comment on my Facebook Note titled Magazine Pics (see previous Blog). But it got really long so I am writing it as a new separate note.
I still haven't turned the magazines in yet so let me know if you think they need more censorship. I don't want to be known as the crazy American Mom who brought in all the magazines with inappropriate pics!

I have some Parenting, American Baby, Bon Appetite, and a Living and Loving magazine. Totally did not think they would have inappropriate pictures. But then I went through and ended up with a whole pile of pictures/pages I tore out.

Then I second guessed myself and wondered if I was being too extreme (I felt like someone in Iran censoring reading material!! Ok, I am exaggerating a bit....)
Here was my criteria - tell me what you think......
Took out all ladies in sleeveless or very very low cut tops. Left in ladies in short sleeve shirts and regular necklines and pants.
Took out all breastfeeding women because they generally were not very covered. I KNOW it's a totally natural thing, yada yada, but they were not feeding in the most tzanua way...
Took out all women's bare bellies. But left in the men in swimming trunks.
Unsure where they stood on naked babies (no frontal nudity just cute little tushies) so I think most I left in.....but I can just imagine a bunch of 4+5 year olds screaming TUSHIES!!!
Hmm.....what else? Left in young girls in swimming suits but took out ladies in swim suits.

Mainly, I thought of the more religious parents in the Gan and how would they feel if the pics came home to them on a poster or something....would it make them feel uncomfortable or would it be ok?

The strangest censorship I did was one of those Mirena birth control devices. I didn't think the Rabbi would appreciate it plastered on his kid's project because it was a "funny shape".

So? What do you think?


Shlomo said...

Good job.

AP said...

wow, yeah, i think you totally covered your bases!