Thursday, October 15, 2009

ISO: A Good Night's Sleep

I have been totally exhausted every night this week. I don't know if it was because of the 8 hour work days I put in at the beginning or the couple days at home with Kayla trying to accomplish way more than is humanly possible or both of those in combination with fighting some kind of stomach virus. Or if it's just a general combination of trying to work as many hours as I possibly can and take care of a house and family. Either way, I collapsed every night at around 8 or so. Sadly, I didn't get to sleep the nice 12 hours straight I probably needed.
Let's take last night for example.......

It was 7:30 and the boys were doing their usual complaining about going to bed. Kayla had fallen asleep so I lay down with her in my bed waiting for my "turn" to sing to the boys and put Kayla in her crib when they finally decided to be quiet. I sang to them and lay back down with Kayla. I was trying to decide should I get up and work or should I go to sleep. I was so tired after a long day and in the midst of my debating, I fell asleep. At 8pm!!!! Of course Kayla woke up shortly after that but luckily Shauli (my knight in shining armor) stayed up with her. It was, after all about 9pm.....Well, I am glad I got in some good sleep then because the rest of the night was a disaster.

1am - Jonah woke up howling in pain that his ear hurt. We gave him some Tylenol but then there wasn't much else to do. I read him a few books to keep his mind off it and gave him an ice pack. It was so hard watching him in that much pain. He kept begging me to make it end. And there was nothing I could do for him except hope that the medicine kicked in. Eventually he went to sleep so I went back to sleep.

3am - Sammy wakes up and tries to sneak into our bed (his new trick). I think we would have let it go except he started kicking me in the head. So Shauli takes him back to bed where he starts crying and wakes up Kayla. Then Kayla is WIDE awake and no matter what I do (nurse her, bottle feed, lay down with her) she is ready and raring to go. That lasted until sometime after 4am. Ok - back to sleep.....

4:30am - And Jonah is up once again howling in pain. Sadly it hadn't been quite long enough to give him another dose of Tylenol but I stayed with him for a little bit and gave him another ice pack and eventually he fell back asleep.

6am - And Kayla is up once again so I feed her. She falls back asleep and I snooze a bit until Jonah climbs into my bed.

And that pretty much ended my night's sleep.

Is a Good Night's Sleep really too much to ask for?

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Olah Chadasha said...

Maybe just as a little treat for yourself, Shu would agree to let you go sleep at a hotel or tzimmer or something just for a night to get that energy back?