Thursday, March 25, 2010

Car Advice of these days I am going to get back to blogging. I have noticed my recent posts have been mostly questions and looking for advice. But before I get back to blogging, I need some advice again.

I know nothing about cars but we are getting to a point in Israel where we really need to buy once. Since we are quite poor, we are looking for something very inexpensive. The main things we will be using it for is driving around in Ariel, errands, etc and maybe heading to Petach Tikvah for some bigger shopping trips. We will also need it for occasional trips to Jerusalem, Modiin, Maalot, etc but those are more like monthly.

There is a company/guy who helps Anglos buy and sell cars and he sent me a list of what seem to be very affordable cars. First of all, has anyone heard of Zvika Cars? What are your thoughts?

Second of all, does anyone know anything about the following cars:

2000 Daihu Lanis
1997 Mazda Lantis
1996 Mazda 323
2002 Opel Corsa

Let me know your thoughts....................

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