Thursday, April 01, 2010

I love Israel because.....

Here are some recent reasons why I love living in Israel.

On our drive up to Maalot, we stopped at a gas station. I was looking at some candy bars to see if I could figure out which were Kosher for Pesach. Some guy next to me (may have been a manager) said "Oh, are you looking to see if they are Kosher for Pesach?". I said "Yes" and he pointed out which one was. Then he went to look in another section to see if there were any more there but there weren't. I realized we had meat for lunch so instead I just bought our Kosher for Pesach Cokes and Grape Juices. I loved that the gas station manager knew exactly what I was looking for and could help me.

But even better.....we stopped at another gas station later on. Way out in almost nowhere. I went in to use the bathroom and noticed plastic sheets covering a lot of things on the shelf. I thought wow, it looks like a grocery store kashering for Pesach. When I came out, I peeked and saw it looked like it was covering Chametz. When Shauli went in, he noticed a sign on the door that said "On Pesach, we won't sell Chametz". How cool is that in a gas station!!!!!!

We went on a nice hike yesterday and at the end, everybody stopped to eat. Most people buying from the snack cart but some people bringing their own food. I LOVED looking around and seeing everyone with their matzot or whatever creative food they could think of to bring for a hike. We're all in the same boat!!! (Well except for those of us who don't eat Kitniyot - it's a bit harder for us).

And another fun thing, Shauli and I went to a concert last night at the Agam (lake). They have a festival during Chol Hamoed Pesach and at night have free concerts. The singer was Lior Narkis whose song called "Lkol Echad" was a huge hit 10 years ago. I LOVED it then and still love the song now. We went to the concert basically so I could hear that song. He doesn't appear to be religious and the vast majority of fans of his at the concert did not appear to be religious either. Of course, we are all Jewish so he wished everyone a Happy Pesach too. But in the middle of the concert, he starts singing a song about believing in G-d. "Anachnu Maaminim maaminim" which is a popular song here at any religious events. Everyone cheered when he started singing that song and we all sang along. What an awesome feeling!! All of us standing there singing a great song abut believing in Hashem!!! It was pretty cool.....

So that's my wrap up for now on why I love Pesach in this country. :)

Next year may we all celebrate together in Jerusalem with Moshiach!!!!

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