Sunday, March 27, 2011

Triple Blog

I've had so many blogs floating around in my head over the weekend but just haven't had time to sit and write them down. Let's see if I can try to sort out a few of my thoughts.

1. On Friday I read a cousin's post supporting Israel and someone else commenting about how she (the commentor) is Jewish but a Palestinian sympathizer. I can't stop thinking about it. I am torn between wanting to respond to her and telling myself to move along. She has already made up her mind, she has already decided I must be some big bad, Israeli who came in and stole their land, and probably she feels that those "crazy settlers got what they deserved." It's sickening and it makes me want to cry. Anyone who can justify the murder and decapitation of a 3 month old, a 2 year old, and an 11 year old, makes me can we ever make peace with our enemies if even our own kind hate us? Doesn't she realize that they would kill her too in a heartbeat? And then celebrate her death by handing out candy in the streets? Sorry, is that just for the death of a child?

I am a "Palestinian" sympathizer too. I sympathize with any normal, humane Arab who just wants to live their live. I am sure there is an Arab mom out there, with 3 little kids just like me, who just wants to send her kids to school and go out and buy groceries, and live a full, and meaningful life. I am sure she was horrified by the murder of the Fogel Family. I am sure she fears for her children's life and what will happen when they get old enough to go out and become martyrs. Doing this by giving up their own lives. If she is someone who moved into the beautiful Israeli homes in the Gaza Strip, I am sure she is also completely terrorized by her own terrorist government, Hamas. Whose motto is "We love death as much as the Jews love life." But this woman doesn't have the freedom of expressing her fears on the Internet. She is not allowed to disagree with her government. Because she could be killed and tortured for it. I sympathize with you, fellow mother.

2. Jonah said to me today, "Mommy, did you know there was a bomb on a bus in Yerushalayim last week. My friend told me about it". I said "Yes". He said, "How does that happen? Was there a bomb inside the bus?" I told him "no, the bomb was next to the bus". He said "But how did it get there?" I said, "Someone put it there." He said," Wouldn't someone notice a bomb?" I told him they put in a briefcase and explained that we always have to be aware of the things around us and if we ever see a bag or a package sitting on the ground with no one around it, then we need to tell someone. I explained how in Israel, they are always SOO careful and people are always watching to make sure there are no bombs and to keep us safe. He didn't seem terribly concerned, he seemed very matter of fact about it. I was worried about him because he is my "scaredy cat" kid and also the only one old enough to really understand the danger. He somehow jumped back to the Fogel murder in Itamar and asked how they did not know that the terrorists came in. I explained that there was a problem with the security there in that, there were no cameras along their sensor fence. We talked about how it could not happen in Ariel because we do have cameras and we can see anyone and anything at anytime along the fence. I told him we live in a very safe city. I asked him if he was scared and he said "No". I told him what helped him to not be scared and he said "The policeman who lives next door." We have a neighbor policeman (who was actually on duty the night of the Fogel murders and was called to the scene since they are in our jurisdiction, I guess). When I was asking around for someone that Jonah could talk to (as per his request), the policeman among many others volunteered. Jonah has yet to speak to him but is extremely reassured by the fact that we have a neighbor who is a policeman and by the fact that he is willing to talk to him and explain the security in Ariel.

Jonah has decided once again that when he grows up, he would like to be a soccer player, a policeman, and a soldier. So that he can protect everyone from the bad guys.

3. One more and then I am off to bed. There is a Facebook page calling for the 3rd Palestinian Intifada. It's listed as a "cause". 335,621 people "like" this. The page's administrators posted a quotation of a Hadith (Islamic tradition) that is popular with radical groups, which reads, "The hour [of redemption] does not come until the Muslim fight the Jews and even the stones and trees say, 'O Muslim, a Jew is behind me, so kill him.'"

Despite many people reporting this page and many personal requests to Facebook and the creator, Facebook has decided not to remove the page. They want it to be a place where people can openly discuss issues and express their views, while respecting the rights and feelings of others.

"While some kinds of comments and content may be upsetting for someone – criticism of a certain culture, country, religion, lifestyle, or political ideology, for example - that alone is not a reason to remove the discussion."

I am sorry but has the world gone MAD????? Expressing their views by calling for a march into Israel to destroy the Jewish state? "O Muslim, a Jew is behind me, so kill him?" Since when is this OK??? Freedom of speech is one thing but open calls for annihilation of the Jews - a 3rd Intifada? We all know what the 3rd Intifada will be about. Same as the 1st and 2nd. KILL THE JEWS! And this is "ok" due to freedom of speech???

What would happen if The Jewish Agency posted a group called Kill the Arabs. Or decided on May 15th, 2011, they are going to reclaim the land that is rightfully ours. Would the world be quiet then? Would everyone be ok with that? Hard to imagine but mostly because it's so absurd. We don't do things like that.
What about if someone posted a page about Killing all Mormons. Or all African Americans? Kentans? French people? Would that cause some uproar? Yah, I am pretty sure it would. How can people just sit back and watch as open calls for violence are being posted right and left? Is it because so many are crazy leftists and feel the "Settlers" deserve it? It is because they think it's not their problem?
Is this how people felt before the Holocaust? That there was total madness going on around them and the rest of the world was strangely silent?

Don't you get it? WE WANT PEACE!!! We gave you the Gaza Strip in hopes of peace. And what did you do? You elected a terrorist government, Hamas. Whose only purpose is to kill and destroy all Jews and the State of Israel. You took our beautiful homes, gardens, farms, and greenhouses and destroyed them. Acres and acres of land, you destroyed the fruit trees because it was planted and cared for by Jews. Oh, and the peace we talked about? You shoot rocket after rocket into Israel, filling the rockets with pins and nails to maximize the casualties.

Two quotes by Golda Meir sum up my feelings perfectly....

"Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us."
As long as they continue to teach hatred in their schools, it's a losing battle. We can't make peace with those who have taught to hate us since they first learned to read and write.

"We can forgive you for killing our sons. But we will never forgive you for making us kill yours."

And like Dennis Prager says in this Middle East Conflict video ( What would happen if Israel laid down its arms and promised not to fight anymore? And what about if the Arab countries and the "Palestinians" laid down their weapons and promised not to fight anymore.

In the first scenario, Israel would be destroyed.
In the second scenario, there would be peace the following Wednesday.

Thanks to my loyal blog and Facebook note readers. Please continue reading and COMMENT so I know at least a few people are reading.....

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Just Shu said...

In part three, where you discuss the upcoming call for an intifada, they don't specify to just kill Jews in Judea and Shomron, they would like to kill all Jews, even the leftists.