Saturday, May 28, 2011

This Week's Thought - From the Koby Mandell Foundation

This Week's Thought
From The Koby Mandell Foundation

Last week, at a memorial service for Koby his brother Daniel read the following:

Who wants to write to a brother who was murdered?

It’s difficult to write to you,
It’s been years since we spoke.

Your physical absence has been replaced with an empty space in our lives. In another month you could have been 24.

You could have been married with a child or two, you could be traveling in South America, you could have been studying at university, you could have been a computer expert, you could have been a stand-up comedian, you could have been so many things.

I remember how I would whisper to you at night, asking you where you are, asking you to watch out for us. I begged you to come back, to make everything the same as it was before.

I remember how I used to think that it’s all just a big joke, or a nightmare from which I will wake up, that I’ll just get up in the morning and you’ll be there...and everything would continue as it was.

But today I do not whisper to you any longer. I’m not asking you to come back.

Today the pain is not only the pain of death, but also the pain of loss. Not a burning pain, but like a hand that grabs the inside of your stomach and turns it.

Today I realize how small you were, how really cruel they were.

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