Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh, the things they say...

2 Funny Kid Comments

1 - I was talking to Sammy (4 years old) about summer vacation. I asked if he would like to have a sleepover with Jonah at his grandparents in Jerusalem. He was thinking about it and wanted to know what they would do. I said during the day maybe they could go somewhere fun, like the zoo. My kids are CONSTANTLY asking to go to the zoo! He responded, "Maybe to the zoo.....or maybe to Mitzrayim" which translates to Egypt. I said "Maybe... but I don't think so". He said, "There really is an Eretz (land) called Mitzrayim. And they talk like Aravim (Arabs) there!"
Not sure where that entire comment came from but I was amused.

2 - We were sitting at the dinner table and had the following conversation:

Natalie: We have to call moving companies
Jonah (6 yr old) - You should call Hovlot Yossi
Natalie - Why?
Jonah - Because they are the best!
Natalie - How do you know that?
Jonah- Because it says so on the sign....

:) So apparently their advertising works. When I call for a quote, I'll have to relay the conversation and maybe I can get a discount. Hehe!

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