Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Kayla's Kiddush

Boys are easier because you know that when the baby is born, the Friday night afterwards is the Shalom Zachor. And you know that assuming the baby is healthy etc, the bris is 1 week later. There is no procrastinating, there is no inviting, it's just the way things are. So while initially I may have thought having a girl party is easier because we can be more laid back, it's infinitely harder to organize. Also with the Shalom Zachor and brit, friends and family basically took care of it all. I wasn't quite up to it so soon after the birth.

Here we are, Kayla is 4 months old and we have not had a kiddush for her yet. So I really want to do something about that.

The question is do we just do a simple little thing at our shul? From what I understand, it's a bring your own kiddush food.
Do we still do something at our shul but also invite friends and family?
If friends and family actually come........where do we put them all? To sleep? To eat? To hang out?

Or do we do something on a weeknight or on a Friday morning.

My friend in the States who had a baby girl shortly after I did also has not done a Kiddush yet. She offered to have a Kiddush together with us and then we could split the cost. But that offer didn't go for the plane tickets too......

Any thoughts? Advice?


AP said...

hmmm...that is complicated b/c your family and friends live all over and would have to come to stay for the whole shabbos...that's a lot of ppl at your house for meals! but prob. not EVERYONE would come, right? maybe you do something small at shul on shabbos so you're "yotzei" the kiddush thing and then have family and friends over during the week for a bbq or something. or on sun morning for brunch. oh wait, you guys dont do sundays anymore...scratch that! :)

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