Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Scar Cream?

This is a random post.....

Both of my previous c-section scars healed very nicely and evenly.
This time around, half the scar has basically healed and is even hard to see and half the scar is still red and ugly and gross. The surgeon did not stay on the same scar line for this half, but went below the originals. Not sure why.

Anyway, I vaguely remembering hearing about some kind of cream in the States that you apply to a scar and it helps heal it faster, better, etc.
So my questions are:

Does anyone know of this cream? What is it called?
Does it work?
Do they sell it in Israel or do I need to get it "imported"?
Is there anything else I can use to help a scar heal?



Sarah said...

Remind me to show you my scar next time I see you. I have a huge scar on my stomach (surgery a few years ago). The raised, red scars are called keloids and sometimes the only way to get rid of them are injections (scar therapy). It still barely worked for me. (It's genetic to scar badly.) Anyways, I can find out more. It's some sort of steroid I think. Creams didn't work for me.

DonutsMom said...

The weird thing is - my 2 previous scars healed really nicely. And half of this scar healed perfectly too. Just the part where the surgeon went off the original cut did not heal nicely. What makes me nervous is if I did not heal well on the outside - how do I know that I healed well on the inside? The outside is cosmetic but the inside is important.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The cream is called Mederma. I don't know where it is available or not, but you can see if you can buy it online.
I'd also suggest to show this to a doctor so he can make sure it healed properly and all. Hatzlocha!