Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Settler Names

Jonah made a new friend on Shabbat. This kid will be going to Gan with him next year. They became friends because said kid had brought a bunch of little airplanes to shul. Jonah saw that and it was instant friendship. :)

His pal's name is O'have Tzion or אוהב ציון. In Hebrew O'have means love and Tzion is Zion aka Israel. So would that be Loves Zion or Lover of Zion? Lover for short? :)

His brother's name is Na'ar Shalom. I think that translates to a Peaceful Boy.

There is a 3rd child with also a very "Settler-like" name but I can't remember it.

And they say Kayla is a strange name......

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