Monday, August 01, 2005


A beach? In Detroit? Yup!
Shu and I spent the morning saying that we should really do something outdoors today because it was beautiful weather but neither of us knew what to do or where to go. So I cleaned up the house and Shu was getting ready to do some yard work. Then our neighbors saved the day. :) They called and said they were headed to Metro Beach about half hour away and do we want to come? Beach vs. House and Yard Work? Heck yah, we want to go!
So we packed up a little of this and that and off we went. Now granted, as our California neighbors pointed out, the size of this beach wasn't quite as impressive as in San Diego and the sand wasn't as white or as smooth as in San Diego and the water was full of seaweed and what not but wow, what a great place to go (Digital, you know I am just giving you a hard time - right?). I happen to LOVE hanging out at the beach. Not for the lay out, do nothing aspect of it. But I just love the sight of the water and the sand and the smell of the sunscreen and the BBQ's going. I love the environment.
So we hung out there for awhile, ate our lunches, Jonah had his first playing in the sand experience (and he didn't eat it). We went to the water shooters part of the park which was fun and just spent quality time in the outdoors. It was the perfect day for it. So kudos to our neighbors for the suggestion and we are up for a last minute trip anytime. By the way, when are we going camping?
Ooh, big news - Jonah said his first word today. He said "Ball" (or baw in his pronunciation). As Shauli said, "it's not Mommy or Daddy but Ball. That's my boy!!!" The truth is, he babbles all the time and has probably been talking for awhile but it's hard to say if he really knows what he is referring to. Like he sometimes says "baba or badu" when we give him a bottle. And he definatly says Mama and Dada but we don't know if he is referring to us individually. But with ball, there was no doubt. So that's EXCITING!!!
All in all, a good day.


2R said...

Mega Congrats on the first word! Next thing you know he'll ask for a glove, a bat, and the car keys...

da shevster said...

noo...hes growing up while im in israel! he was supposed 2 wait till i get home!!

DonutsMom said...

He's not walking yet (he holds onto one hand still and is a bit shaky) so maybe you will be back in d-town for that. We miss you!!!!

Yishai said...

Heh. It was fun. Camping's next :)