Sunday, July 31, 2005

Back to Life

Well, we have finally returned home and I hope that next week, life will return to normal. This past week has been pretty crazy and we were still trying to get back into things. My husband's boss came in with his family from Sunday to Tuesday so I hung out with the family while the men went off to work. It was fun and tiring!! We went to the zoo on Monday for about 4 hours and now I really want to get a membership. This was Jonah's first time to the zoo and I was curious to see if he would enjoy it yet. He loved it!! Part of it was the fact that he was with 3 other kids who he has become pals with and part of it was just the fascination with the animals. The Detroit zoo is set up pretty well so people can get close to the animals in some of the exhibits and Jonah was wide-eyed watching these creatures move around and do stuff. It was fun to watch his expressions!! The zoo is only about 5 minutes away from our house and is open year round so it will be a nice a place to visit with him and good, enjoyable exercise for me!!
Monday night we had them over for a BBQ which was nice. On Tuesday we headed to Dunkin Donuts for a late breakfast and then to a friend's house. She has a 7 month old baby so it was like a Baby/Kids meeting right there. Jonah is getting really into playing "with" other kids and especially LOVES watching older kids and interacting with them. He's good with babies too....more or less.......
We were also having an internet issue - it wasn't working and they said they couldn't get a tech out to us until FRIDAY!!! So if I wanted to get any work done, I had to go to my in-laws. However, many of my e-mails and info I needed were on my computer at home. So that didn't work so well. But after calling Comcast every day, twice a day and explaining how we desperatly needed our Internet because both my husband and I work from home and need to be online and our home phone is run through the internet, we finally found someone to listen!! The customer service rep, Isaac, contacted dispatch to see if they could squeeze us in and called us at about 11 that night to tell us someone would be out on Wednesday to help us. So that was good!!
The tech came out and fixed it and that was that. Shu has been working from home which will be nice when he moves into his "office" downstairs. It's hard for me to be home with the baby and see Shu sitting right there in the other room and not be able to say hey honey, watch Jonah for a minute? I have to do such and such. Cuz he's right there. But I must remind myself - he is working. Also, Jonah loves his daddy and wants to do what he is doing. So if Daddy is typing on the computer, Jonah wants to be there right next to him. Causes a bit of trouble.
One of these days we hope to finish the basement, although in the more immediate future, we need to do something about the room down there so Shu can have his office. And that will make it somewhat easier.
Jonah has gone back to his babysitter and LOVES her and the other kids there. By the third day, he jumped off my lap and headed over to play with a 3 year old friend he had made the day bfore. He hardly even glanced at me. I guess that is a good thing but it's crazy to see his independance.
He is getting into more of a bedtime routine - WOOHOO!!! This means he goes to sleep at night between 7:45 and 9:00 and it's not much of a struggle. He wakes up once at night and goes back to sleep pretty easily (although we need to go in and lay him back down or give him his pacifier). And then he wakes up at about 6am. At that point, I am truly not functioning so I just bring him into our room and he either conks right out or crawls around on the bed for half an hour before falling asleep in some weird position like upside down or sprawled across my legs. And then he is usually out until about 8:30 or 9:00. So this is much more liveable than the way things were in Pittsburgh where it was a fight to get him to sleep at night and a real struggle to get him to go back to bed after he woke up multiple times in the middle of the night. And he was raring to go at 7 in the morning (or so). So I'm happy. Not quite using the Ferber method (except to tire him out) but more using the Baby Whisperer method. Whatever works at the time, really.
But since he goes to sleep so early, it made it difficult when I had a crazy craving for ice cream and Shu was out of town. I did debate putting Jonah in the car seat and just going to the drive through but I restrained myself and waited until Friday to have my Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip. Mmmmmmmmm.....................................


2R said...

everyone deserves a little scheduling :) I'm glad you guys are back in detroit, things are right with the world now. Enjoy the mint choc. chip :)

Mrs. AP said...

can't wait to see you guys back in detroit!! it makes the thought of leaving israel much less depressing. so save some mint choc. chip for me b/c it's also my favorite! (although we've been enjoying the never-ending kosher food options here far to much...) and you should def. get a zoo membership...we have one (i think it should still be good when we get back) and it will be so much fun to take the kids there together! can't wait!
congrats on the conquering of the sleep struggles...sounds like it's going much better for you guys!

Olah Chadasha said...

It seems like he or, at least, his body knows he back home.

rockofgalilee said...
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Rolling hills of green said...

sorry i used the wrong name.
mmmm, I miss mint chocolate chip.