Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My Baby Knows Stuff

How exciting is this!!! Donuts knows stuff! I mean he has probably known stuff for a while but this was like interactive and quite exciting. He did two cool things today (and yesterday).
Thing one - we were at the mall checking out and I said to Donuts, "Ok, are you ready to go?" And he waved Bye Bye!!! Like he knew the two things were connected. So that was cute.
Thing two - yesterday we were playing ball, rolling a big blue ball back and forth between Donuts, me, and Shu. Sometimes when it would roll away, we would say, "ok, go get the ball" and he would go get it and try to roll it. Ok, so we clapped and stuff when he got the ball but we just kind of figured that it went with the game. So here is the cool part. Today, Donuts was sitting on the floor surrounded by toys and I was playing with him. I saw a small Pistons ball that we had gotten for him amidst the toys. So I decided to test him. I said, "Donuts, go get me the BALL. Go get the BALL for Mommy." So he looked at me and at his toys, back at me and back to his toys. Then he gave me a big smile, crawled over, got his ball and rolled it to me. YAY for Donuts!!!!


Just Shu said...

He also knows where he shouldn't be i.e. the kitchen, playing with outlets, playing with all the cords by teh computer. And the moment you leave one of those places ungaurded, he crawls to them as quick as he can.
And yes we have covers on the outlets, but he found one he can pull off, which he does

Mrs. AP said...


And I know we say this with every stage our brilliant, adorable babies reach, but this one is TRULY the best, no?! They are becoming real little people, they're personalities are becoming (too!) clear, and they are SO interactive! Noa also has just recently put the concepts of "hi" and "bye" together with coming and going. Together with the requisite waving it's so cute! And leave it to your boy (who's been to more sporting events in his 10 months than I have in my life, I think!) to know what a ball is already! That's so cool! Go Donuts!! :D (Is there a particular reason you're not using his real name on this, by the way? You can always change the settings so it's not accessible to anyone who doesn't know the exact address, i.e. your friends and family...)

DonutsMom said...

I suppose because I'm Donuts Mom and he is the Donuts that I am the Mom of. But it gets a little confusing so I don't think it will last.

Olah Chadasha said...

That is just priceless! I have many nieces and nephews, and when you can actually see the evolution of their comprehension, interaction, and intelligence, it just feels so good. But, I also noticed that we all do the same things. I'm not a parent yet, but I see it with my siblings' kids. We all talk to them as if, L'havdel, we're talking to dogs. "Get the ball! Come to mommy! That's it. Good baby. Good boy. Good girl." I guess we can't help ourselves. I love the way kids light up when they connect stuff together. It's like you can actually see inside their heads and see their thought process at work. Awesome. Great post.

DonutsMom said...

I don't think it's talking to them like dogs as much as it is just keeping it simple. Like you aren't going to say, "Hey sweetie. Go get the ball and toss it over here when you have a chance. Thanks, that would be awesome." I guess cuz they are building their vocabulary so you try to keep it short and sweet when you are talking to them. Or at least when you are asking them to do something. Because when I am at the store with him or going for a walk, I will have a running commentary going on.
Also, I have read in a lot of books and magazines that the voices we use when we talk to babies (meaning the high and low tones) are good for them because it gets them interested and generally, we have exaggerated facial expressions too which they love. That kind of baby talk is good. Not the kind that goes "ok does da wittew baby wan his baba". That's just stupid sounding. :)

Olah Chadasha said...

See, being just an aunt, I didn't know that. I'll keep that advice in mind when I have a kid. Thanks for explaining it. He seems like a smart kid, and I have always thought that even if babies don't understand everything when you're having a running conversation, that just the talking is good for them. Is that true?