Sunday, July 10, 2005


Maybe that blog about Grandma was kind of random. I start a new blog and don't say anything about who I am or why I am writing or any kind of intoduction. I just write about my Grandma. Well, I decided that I was going to start a blog. And a lot of things were going through my head. And I picked Grandma to write about.
So anywhoo...hi, it's me. I used to share my blog with my husband, but it really turned into "his" blog because he had more time and I think more interest in writing. So most of his friends would read his blog and then when I would want to post some random question (like do you have any ideas for bridal shower games?) or if I wanted to write about our baby, I felt like it didn't really belong there. Cuz his friends are more interested in sports and guy things - Ar Ar Ar. Sometime I would post on The Family Blog but some things (although very few) didn't seem like they belonged there either. So I needed my own blog.
Also, I am now (going on 4 months) a stay at home sort of work from home Mom and feel I need a little more interaction then just with my 10 month old son. Who is a blast but when he talks back to me, I don't quite understand his language yet. So until he learns some English, I need a blog.
Well, that's it. Welcome to my blog. I hope to write often and I hope you will read often and don't forget to comment. See ya!!


Mrs. AP said...

Hey Natalie!! I never knew that you and Shauli had a blog in the first place - but I think it's an awesome idea! You may have just inspired me....
Anyway, on behalf of the APs, welcome DonutsMom to the blog-o-sphere! I have a friend who has a blog and I check it (way too!!) rest assured that your blog will be checked often by at least one of your friends!
So we're back in the Big D in just five, very short weeks....I think people are starting to put money on who's going to get home first.... What's the story with you guys?
Anyway, talk to you soon!

The Shadow Knows said...

Hey Natalie,
I too never knew that you had a blog. Excellent idea! I loved the pictures you send us of Jonah. He is so cute!! I hope to have baby pictures to send back by the begining of August G-D willing. All is well here. I just dropped by to say hi.