Thursday, September 01, 2005

Happy Birthday to Jonah!!

Wow, it's my baby's First Birthday. Soooooo crazy!!! The time just FLEW by and he has changed SO much from when he was just a little 7.2 lb itty bitty guy.

Jonah reached a major milestone today. He started walking!!!!!!!!!!
I was taking some pictures of him and he saw the camera so he took about 3 steps toward me from the couch. Then I figured I would try to get it on video. So I start taping him and he takes two steps and stumbles so he grabs on to the couch. Then he looks up at me and lets go of the couch and starts walking like he's been doing it all along or something!!! He took 9 steps!!!!! And you hear me in the video saying " Oh my G-d!!!! He's walking!!!" It's rather amusing actually. :)

So happy birthday to my baby boy and congrats to me and Shauli for surviving the first year!!!!


jmpjules99 said...

wahoooo!!! yeahhh Jonah!

Mrs. AP said...

ABSOLUTELY - this birthday should really be about you guys, but mainly about YOU, Natalie! It was all you, one year ago, all you...!! Congrats on the birthday, surviving the first year, and Jonah taking his first steps on his own today!!!!! :D

da shevster said...

i wanna see the video...i want proof..