Friday, September 09, 2005

My Nephew

Well, well, well, do I have a nephew to tell YOU about!!!
My 9 year old nephew decided over Shabbas that he is going to raise money for the victims of the Katrina hurricane. And the way that he is going to do this is by collecting bottles and cans and turning them in for money. Here in Michigan, we get 10 cents each so that already puts him a step ahead. He goes door to door asking people for cans and has collected more than 800 cans and $10 in cash to put towards the cause. You can see a picture of him and read a little more on his dad's blog, Airtime.
I saw a TV clip for the upcoming news for this evening called Kids Helping Kids and while I didn't get to watch it, I know my nephew could be on it.
I will keep you posted on his efforts and if you are Michiganders and want to donate cans, let me know or drop them by my house. Or if you want to send a little something to support the cause, I will pass it along to him (and he, in turn will pass it along to others).
Thank you!!!


jmpjules99 said...

we just took back a huge thing of them!! if I had read this yesterday I would have saved some!

what a great kid!

jmpjules99 said...

PS.I read on that blog that he wasn't sure where to give the money but wanted to help Jewish famiies from there...or something along those lines....I don't remember how he worded it.

ANYWHOS an online friend of mine had this link up on her website:

I don't know if it will help but it's a link to help him out.

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